5 Easy Ways To Crush Your Comfort Zone

If everything we want is on the other side of fear, why do we set up camp in our comfort zones? Well, it's simple. It's easier to hide. It's easier to run away. It's safe. It's comfortable. I spent so many years saying, "I'll do that when I'm ready." Here's the thing. To be completely real with you, you'll never be "ready." We spend so much time waiting for the perfect conditions to pursue anything worthwhile, but the wait carries on. Day after day, the same story; "I'll start tomorrow."

Do Something That Scares You Every Day

One of my favorites quotes is: "Confidence is built with experience, experience is built by doing things you're afraid of."

First identify what you're afraid of.

 i.e. "I'm afraid of public speaking."

What can you do daily to flex this muscle? Can you raise your hand in class to answer a question or add to a group discussion? That counts as public speaking. No feat is too small of a feat. You can learn and grow from every experience.

Challenge Yourself

It's so easy for us to take the "beginner" level class because we would rather be the best person in the the beginner class, than be the worst person in the advanced class. If you're the best person in the room, you're most likely in the wrong room. The only way to crush your comfort zone, is to challenge yourself by taking yourself to the next level.

Embrace Your Optimal Anxiety

When you tackle activities that you're afraid of, you will experience a certain level of anxiety. This is a good kind of anxiety that helps you perform at your best. Most people see anxiety as a negative feeling. It's not. Take it as a sign that you're doing something that requires bravery. When you feel the fear, embrace it fully, and use it to fuel you to bring your best foot forward.

Be Willing To Look Bad

When you want to crush your comfort zone, you need to be willing to look "bad." You need to give up the ego inside that wants to protect your reputation. I remember when I danced often, I would only learn if I was willing to mess up in front of my peers. Although at many times it was embarrassing, it allowed me to really improve my craft.

Be Proud Of Where You Are & Learn From Every Experience

It is essential to acknowledge your milestones. Whenever you successfully push past your fear and step outside of your comfort zone, give yourself a pat on the back. Say, "Good job, (insert name)." You killed it. It will only get easier from here!" If we don't take time to do this, we'll never feel inclined to dive into the deep end, ever again. Support yourself by showing gratitude to yourself for braving into the unknown. When you make mistakes, can you reframe your mind to look for what you learned and did well, rather than harping on your perceived failures?

I hope these 5 tips serve you. Do it for your future self. It's your time to shine. You've got this.