Curly Hair Care: Everything You Need To Know


Calling all curly haired cuties! As we get deeper into the summer months, taking care of curly hair is more crucial than ever. Between the heat, sweat, chlorine from the pool, and saltwater from the ocean, your curls are taking hits from every angle. And so the question remains: how do we maintain bouncy, hydrated and (almost) frizz-free curls from June to September?

It all starts in the shower, of course.

Resist the urge to wash everyday.

After a day in ninety-degree heat, it’s no surprise that you might want to wash as soon as you get home. Your curly mane is being bombarded with sweat all day long. However, resist the urge to shampoo every time you step in the shower. It dries out your hair faster, and adds to the seemingly ongoing frizz problem. Try to get into the habit of shampooing every two or three days. You don’t want to wash away the natural oils on your head and in your hair hair that keep your curls shining. If you don't feel that washing your hair every other day is right for you, try a co-wash, aka conditioner-only washing. It’ll wash away some of the dirt while leaving your hair hydrated and soft.

Bonus Tip: To keep your curls even more hydrated, try a sulfate and paraben-free shampoo or cleanser. It keeps the good oils in while taking the dirt and grime out.

Towel dry without the towel.

Using a fluffy towel to dry your hair may seem like the luxurious thing to do, but it strips your hair of the moisture the shower just provided. Instead, use a cotton t-shirt to wrap up your hair. The cotton will only suck up the water-leaving the moisture and hydration from your products behind.

Source: Victoria Gomez

Rinse your hair before you hit the pool.

Our hair is porous by nature. It sucks up whatever you put in it (depending on your porosity level, of course). When you rinse your hair before you dive in, your hair won’t absorb as much pool water.

Bonus Tip: Rinsing your hair as soon as you get out of the pool doesn’t hurt either. Give your hair it's best chance!

Deep conditioner is your bestie.

Sometimes, your hair just needs an extra boost of hydration. Don’t be afraid to deep condition your hair to bring it back to life. If you find yourself in and out of the pool, ocean, or another body of water often, you may want to deep condition once a week.

Source: Auj Poj

Protective styles are key.

Protective styling can be the best way to preserve your beautiful curls. Things like braids, buns, and bantu knots keep your hair safe from the summer heat and fend off grime. It also promotes hair growth, since it protects strands from breakage and split ends. Some protective styles work better for certain hair types than others, so be sure to do your research and find what’s right for you. Don’t be afraid to ask your hair dresser either.

Stay hydrated, drink water.

Okay, okay, I know. This tip has never been new, and you’ve probably heard it over a million times since the summer season started. However, hydration for your hair starts with hydration in your body. Your scalp is skin, too, and it depends on water just as much as any other part of your body. Let your hair grow from the root as hydrated and lively as possible.

The summer months are some of the best and your hair shouldn’t be a reason to not enjoy them. Take the hassle out of your hair and enjoy the sun.