8 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Life is filled with so many sources of anxiety – between studying for exams, keeping up on your social life, applying to jobs, and staying on top of finances, it can be hard to catch a break. Managing that anxiety can be pretty tricky, and finding something that works for you can sometimes be yet another source of stress. Lucky for you, we at Spire & Co have compiled a list of our most effective ways to deal with anxiety. Rock out to a stress-relief playlist.

Sometimes you just need to interrupt your workflow to have a giant dance party, and that’s okay. Put on your favorite fight song playlist and zone out to some tunes or dance around your room to your heart’s content.

Get some exercise.

We all know that exercise releases some serious positive vibes in the form of endorphins. Plus, going for a big workout gives you something else to think about for a while – instead of concentrating on that source of anxiety, you’ll be thinking about the task at hand and getting yourself through the workout.

We’re also pretty big fans of yoga and meditations as a way to chill out and de-stress. You can probably find yoga classes at your local (or university) gym, or even find some great instructors for free on YouTube.

Have a Netflix binge.

Perhaps not entirely productive, Netflix binges are the best way to let yourself be lazy, and sometimes when you’re feeling anxious it’s downright important to be lazy. Throw on a great, binge-worthy flick, make some popcorn, and just chill out because sometimes a #lazyday is all you need.

Clean your dorm or apartment.

Sometimes when we’re super stressed, we just need to do something – even if it’s small – to help us get control over a situation. What better way to feel in control than to totally clean and organize your room? This method is doubly helpful because it helps you get your affairs in order, so when you have to end your zen-cleaning sesh, you can have some more peace-of-mind by knowing everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Get your nails done.

A lot of people feel major anxiety because they’re always helping out others before they help themselves. Get some stress relief a la Elle Woods by heading over to the local salon and letting someone else pamper you.

Go hard on a coloring book.

There’s a reason why we all loved our coloring books when we were little. Coloring is actually the best, and it’s even better when we’re feeling uber anxious. Not only are you letting yourself take a break from real life for a little bit, but you’re letting yourself zone out and give your mind a rest.

Call one of your gal pals.

Having a place to vent all of your worries is really important. Whether you’re upset because your group project partners are letting you down, or because you just can’t wrap your head around a problem you’re having with your friends, just talking things out is wicked helpful. If you’re feeling really anxious, pick up the phone and call one of your gal pals to let it all out. Sometimes talking through your problems is all you need to figure out a solution, and your friend will be glad to be there with you along the way.

If all else fails, talk to a counselor.

For some people, anxiety is about more than just stress – it’s a major disorder that affects hundreds of thousands of people every day. If you start feeling like your anxiety is a little more than just the stress of being a student or a young adult, we suggest asking someone for help. Chatting about your anxiety with your parents, doctor, or other trusted adult can help you so much in the long-run.