Pro Tips: How To Clean Out Your Room

Everyone always talks about spring cleaning being the best way to clean out your room, but we’re totally about getting that done in the winter -- how else are you going to fit all of your sweaters, blanket scarves, and riding boots in your room? Even though cleaning out your room can seem like a pretty daunting task (no judgement, all of us have a lot of junk), it really isn’t so bad when you break it down into these teeny tiny steps:

Start with your desk.

Because we all know there are projects from when you were ten still lurking in those drawers, and even though we just know you were a brilliant kid, it’s probably time for that junk to go. Random papers, dried out pens, and utter garbage are some of the easiest things to part with, so starting with your desk is an awesome way to gain some momentum in cleaning out your room. And did we mention that it gives you an awesome surface for organizing the other crap you’re about to clean out?

Deal with under the bed next.

Same deal as your desk -- it’ll be pretty easy to part with these things, so you’ll get through it fast. Plus, cleaning under your bed is fun! You usually find complete gems under there, from ridiculous childhood diaries to money to that sweater you thought you lost at your friend’s house.

Go through your clothes in three phases.

Going through your clothes is when things get tough, but we really believe in you -- you can do it! We suggest going through clothes in three phases.

First, identify things that are complete trash (socks with holes, shirts with holes, anything with holes). Put those in a trash bag and toss ‘em to the curb.

Next, go through and find things that you and nobody you know would want, and bundle them up to drop off at your local donations collection center.

Then, find all the super cute stuff that you actually like but that simply don’t fit anymore and probably never will. Bring these to your friends and see if they’re something they’d like. If you’re pals don’t want them, then you can bring them along to a donation center.

Do books in three phases, too.

Bookshelves are really important to clean out because you need to keep making room for all of your new books, right? Sort through these bad boys in three phases too.

First find ones that you don’t read any more and don’t have any sentimental value, but you think younger cousins or siblings would love. Next, find ones that you just don’t read at all anymore, and put them in a pile to be donated. Finally, find those old textbooks that you really don’t need anymore (we’re looking at you, intro to chemistry book) and get selling! We could all use some extra cash money.

Ditch things you know you don’t want.

Chances are, the things on your shelves have some sort of sentimental value, whether for you or someone else living in your house. That said, as you enter into adulthood, it’s time to start rethinking the “sentimental” value those things have.

Take a look at some of your clutter and ask yourself if it’s something you’d be willing to transport from your current home into your own big-girl apartment. If it isn’t, it’s probably not worth keeping. Save yourself the moving hassle and get rid of it now. Just make sure you don’t get rid of something that has sentimental value for someone else -- we know you might not want that porcelain doll anymore, but it might be something your mom wants to remember when you were a little girl.