Doing This Will Make You Sleep Better Guaranteed

Getting better sleep is the ultimate struggle. Like, why didn’t we cherish those days when we had to nap in kindergarten? What we wouldn’t give for daily naps now as grownups, amiright? The total plot twist to this all is that we’re tired literally all day and then come midnight we’re completely wired and ready for anything and everything on our to-do lists, leaving us to repeat the exhausted cycle the next day. If you change up your daily habits, though, you can definitely sleep better – we guarantee.

Use your bed only for sleeping.

When you do regular, everyday things in your bed, your mind and body stop recognizing it as a place where you sleep. You start to subconsciously think, oh this is a place where I Netflix binge/paint my nails/do homework/ text my boo. Keeping your bed only for sleeping will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

We know this one can be hard. If you’re in a traditional dorm, chances are you don’t have just a casual couch or whatever hanging around for you to chill out on, but you can still definitely try to keep off your bed besides for sleep. Make sure you’re doing your homework in the library or at your desk in your dorm, and try getting out a bit more during your downtime to keep the time in your bed spent not sleeping to a minimum.

Do a little exercise during the day.

Exercising during the day – even if it’s just taking an after dinner walk or playing a pickup game of basketball with your friend – is going to tire you out in the long-run, helping you to fall asleep faster and get a deeper sleep. Just make sure you give yourself about an hour buffer before you actually try to go to bed. When you get your blood pumping, it might give you a short-term rush, making it a little harder for you to konk out.

Stay on a pretty regular cycle.

You’ve heard your mom telling you this a zillion times, and we’re telling you she’s right. When you sleep on a regular schedule, your body starts to get used to it. This helps you fall asleep faster (like, if it’s 11:30, your body knows this is the time it sleeps). This also prevents you from oversleeping and ruining your next morning.

Unplug before sleeping.

Have you ever been reading a book for class and finding your eyelids totally drooping? This is because reading is a pretty relaxing thing to do, and having your eyes fixed on something that isn’t a screen can help relax your eyes and your mind. Make reading a part of your bedtime routine instead of checking Insta or watching your favorite YouTube channel – you’ll be way less stimulated and fall asleep way faster.

Do some temp control.

Do you usually find it easy to fall asleep in your not air conditioned room right when you move back into your dorm in the middle of August? Probably not. That’s because you’re wicked uncomfortable due to the temperature or other environmental factors in your room. Do things to control for temp all year round, and fine tune your lighting preferences to help lull you into a deep sleep.

Enlist the help of a sleep app.

Are none of our suggestions working for you? There might be something pretty wonky with your sleep. Try downloading a sweet app to your phone to track your sleep patterns and when you get lighter to deeper sleep to see if you can figure out what’s going on. If you still can't sleep better, we definitely suggest you chat with your doctor.