The Do's & Don'ts of Carry On Luggage

Nothing says summertime like a trip. Whether it be a quick trip to visit family, a trip half way around the world, or somewhere in between, you'll probably be packing a carry on bag. Now you may not have realized this, but there are some major do's and don'ts when it comes to packing a carry on for your trip. I've gathered a short list of things you definitely want to pack, as well as some massive airplane no-no's.


Hand Lotion & Chapstick.

Planes are super drying, and if you already have dry skin, it can leave you feeling awful. Make sure to pack chapstick and lotion that can be used on your face and body. No one wants to be in the air for multiple hours with chapped lips and flakey skin.


Having deodorant to apply once you've hopped off the plane will only help you feel more comfortable and refreshed, so really, why not?

Extra Outfit.

I usually make sure that the extra outfit I pack is an outfit I really love. This helps ensure that if my bag was to get lost in its travels, I would still have something else to wear as I wait for its return, and I'm not devastated about losing one of my favorite outfits.


I always keep all of my different chargers in a smaller bag within my carry on. This helps to protect all the cords in case I was to spill a drink in my bag, and it helps reduce the tangling of all of my chargers. Usually I will bring my phone charger, laptop charger, portable power-bank charger. Again, this just ensures that if I were to loose my luggage, I would still have a way to charge my technology and connect with whomever I'd need to.


Keeping a book in your bag is always handy. Long flights can be painfully long when there is no Internet to catch up on your various social media accounts. Many flights don't have free WiFi or TV so when it comes to flight entertainment, you can never go wrong with a book. I always find myself pulling out my book as soon as the plane takes off, and I can never put it down until the end of the flight. Reading on a flight is always a good way to pass the time, and it's a good excuse to start a new book.


After snacks, drinks and multiple hours on a plane, your breath is more than likely not at its finest. Keeping Colgate Wisps in your bag will be your new favorite carry on item. One you get off the plane, or in those tiny airplane bathrooms (if it's that urgent of a bad breath situation) whip out one of those wisps and freshen up your breath. They're kind of like mini toothbrushes, except way more convenient for travel because they're pre-filled with toothpaste.

Phone, Laptop, iPod, iPad, Tablet.

Anything valuable should be brought along in your carry on, just in case. You'd never want to step off a plane only to find out all of your clothing, as well as your valuables are now missing. That would potentially be the worst way to start off a vacation.

Wallet, Keys, and Documents.

Always have your wallet, keys and documents as close to you as possible with traveling. Whether you want to buy a quick lunch or a drink before you board the plane, or you were blessed enough to be on a plane with working WiFi, you're probably going to reach for your card at some point in your travels. Keeping your keys in your carry on bag again ensures that if your luggage is lost, you'll still be able to drive home or get into your apartment upon your return. When I say documents, I mean passport, license, and boarding passes. All of the things that you'll need to get through security and on to the flight. If it isn't in the carry on, you won't be getting on the flight.


Smelly Snacks.

We get it, sometimes flights are long, and who doesn't love snacks. But please, for everyone's sake, don't let it be a stinky snack. There isn't much worse (other then a sick child next to you) than smelling some malodorous food for a long flight. If you're going to snack on the plane, make it something that you know won't upset the people around you.

Any Liquid Over 100mL.

Here's the thing, if you pack something which weighs in over 100mL, security will confiscate it. It doesn't matter how expensive it is, they will not let you travel with your expensive perfume that's 125mL. They will literally just throw it out. Don't waste your money like that. If you have a specific perfume you'd like to bring on your trip, pack it in your checked luggage, where they will not throw it out. If you're wanting to carry a perfume to freshen up after the plane ride, I'd recommend a roller perfume because typically they are under the 100mL limit. Another thing about perfume, please don't spray it or apply it on the airplane itself. Not everyone will be a fan of whatever you're applying and some are simply allergic, so just wait until you land.


Sharp Objects.

If you have to think "hmm, am I allowed to bring this?" The answer is probably no, you aren't. TSA has very strict regulations on sharp objects, as well as liquids, so it's better to just avoid bringing all the sharp objects such as a nail file, a cork screw, or even a tweezer on your carry on, and just pack them in your suitcase instead.

Traveling can feel like a drag when you have a long flight standing between you and your destination, but just take a breath, follow these carry on tips, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. Just remember, in a handful of hours you'll be in full on vacation-mode. A quick flight wont feel so long (if you're traveling right!).