DoSomething Just Created A Game-Changing App For Activism

There are so many worthy causes in the world. Every day, a new issue pops up in the news and on social media. What do we do with all this information? What can we actually do to help? DoSomething knows.

As you may recall from our previous fangirling, DoSomething is an organization all about sparking social change in young people worldwide. With over 5.1 million members, it's clear that if you want to make a difference, this is the place to do it.

With their new app, you no longer have to be attached to your computer screen to change the world--now it's all on the go! Here's how, with DoSomething's app, you can turn information into action:

Pick a Campaign

DoSomething has over 270 campaigns going on at any time, so they've covered pretty much everything. Whether it's sex trafficking that tugs at your heartstrings or fracking that really gets your goat, there's a campaign for you.

Read the Blurb

Once you pick a campaign, the app has a brief low-down on recent news concerning the issue and why it's relevant.

Take Some Action

This is where you come in--the app comes stocked with tons of ideas for you to take a stand against the issue you just picked out and read about. You're even able to keep track of which ones you've already completed in the hub.

Get Picture Proof

When you complete a campaign, make sure you snap and upload a photo of you in action! The best part? You'll be automatically entered to win swag and scholarships.

Create Connections

Not only do you get to do some good, you get to see all the good other people are doing. This creates a one-of-a-kind community only to be found via the DoSomething app.

Turn your information into action with DoSomething's new app, available now.