Eat Those Dark Green Vegetables

When I was a kid, I pretty much hated eating vegetables. They tasted terrible, they weren’t sweet. I liked sugar, sugary beverages, candy, cake, whatever wasn't vegetables. Getting me to eat vegetables wasn’t hard, but I definitely avoided them if I could. However, even if we don’t like them they need to be in our diets--there are many health benefits to eating dark green vegetables: You Have Lots of Options

There are a lot of options for dark leafy greens--think Kale, spinach, collards, and more.  If you don’t like one, there are many more that you can try! There is also a variety of ways for you to cook these vegetables. They can be boiled, eaten raw, or you turned into salads with your favorite dressing. 

They Help Fuel Your Body

Did you know that one cup of a dark leafy green can provide you with one tenth of your daily nutrients you need? Because these give your body a lot of energy and they are complex, it takes quite a while to lose the energy that they put into you. You could feel great for the entire day after having a meal of dark leafy greens with some fruit.

They Boost Bone Health

Dark leafy green vegetables are full of calcium. If you don’t like dairy products or you’re lactose sensitive/intolerant like I am, it can be easy to miss out on some of the key nutrients we need--one of which being calcium. The calcium keeps bones from growing brittle as well as ensuring that other chemical processes can take place in the body.

They Can Prevent Cancer

One way to protect yourself from the rogue cells that make up cancer is to eat your greens. The leafy greens work as an antioxidant, so it's not a cure-all or a surefire way to keep you from getting cancer, it surely won't hurt.