Why Eating Before Bed Isn't As Bad As You Think

We’ve all heard it like a zillion times before – avoid eating before bed. Whether we think it’s going to throw off our new healthy eating diet or just make us have super whack dreams, we’ve always been a little iffy about eating before bed. But what if we told you that the whole eating before bed thing is sort of a myth? Yeah, total game changer. Here’s a few reasons why you should totally be okay with eating before bed:

You’re hungry.

Sure, maybe you’ve heard that eating before bed is horrible for your diet, or that it might throw off your tummy. But you know what else isn’t very good for you? Not eating when you’re hungry. If you’ve got a grumbly in your tumbly, try having a glass of water and something simple before heading to your bedroom, like some Saltine crackers or a banana. These won’t mess with your sleep cycle too much, but will keep your satisfied throughout your entire sleep.

It will actually promote better sleep.

While nomming before bed for the sake of it might not guarantee a better night’s sleep, eating when you’re hungry definitely will. Having crazy hunger pains throughout the night will surely keep you from getting into a deep sleep, and we all know a deep sleep is the first step for a successful day.

You choose your chow carefully.

Like we said before, a lot of people avoid eating before bed because they’re nervous it could just lead to empty calorie consumption and throw off their diets. While eating an entire microwave pizza before going to sleep might not be the best thing for your health, this shouldn't make you scared to eat something before bed.

Stick to lighter fare that won’t make you feel bloated or yucky before sleep, and definitely avoid foods with caffeine or a huge amount of sugars (like chocolate or gummy bears). If you keep it limited to crackers or nuts. There are also some super sleep foods like cherries (which naturally contain melatonin), turkey or milk (both of which contain tryptophan).