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When Spire 2.0 was in its early planning phases, one of the first conversations Katie, our editor, and I had was about what we wanted to revitalize and what we wanted to completely reinvent. 

“PLEASE, let’s bring back the Spire List,” she said. 

"Oh, thank gosh you said that. I was thinking the same thing!!"

The funny thing was, after well over a year of not writing it, it became this practice I genuinely missed. And I did see it as a practice. It was this wonderful outlet to be able to reflect on the things that were inspiring me on a very deep level at that given time. In bringing it back, it reminded me that knowing I had to write this column encouraged me to notice the things that brought me joy. I found I was more grateful for the things that can often go overlooked. It was a practice in consciousness. I was more aware than ever of what was adding value to my day.

So whether or not my Spire List, a compilation of things that are inspiring me this month, looks anything like yours, I hope you can create your version of this list. I hope it encourages a personal practice of noticing what adds joy to your daily existence. Because we could all use a little more of that, right?

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1. Everyone Face Set Skincare

One of my resolutions for this year was to transition all of my products, particularly my skincare, to organic, clean alternatives. I was initially introduced to Everyone’s cleanser years ago and loved it because it was $10 for a bottle that lasted me easily six months. 

This year though, I wanted to start a more involved skincare regimen that had a cleanser as well as an exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer that would work together to keep my skin far away from its teenage tendencies. (Am I the only one in this camp?! I mean, I’m 24. I should have outgrown this, like, a while ago.) So I used their Green Glossary and researched every ingredient in the four products. It was a very intentional project that made me realize just how important it is to know what’s in the items we use on a daily basis. 

I’ve been using this skincare set for three months now and LOVE it. For $40, it’s lasted me a ton of time (I’m nowhere near even halfway through the bottles) and my skin looks a lot better. Granted, everyone’s skin is different, but if you’re on a budget, are looking to update your skincare regimen, and want those products to be clean, I highly recommend checking this out. 

2. Texas Pecan Coffee

Earlier this month, my boyfriend and I went on a weekend trip to Texas and got to spend the day in Waco, where Chip and Joanna Gaines and their Magnolia empire call home. We went to their new breakfast restaurant, Magnolia Table, the week it opened. It may have been the best breakfast we’ve ever had. It was THAT good. While we were waiting for our table, I headed to their on-site coffee bar and tried their signature Texas pecan coffee. Sadly, they don’t sell it online yet, but I recently ordered this version as an alternative to hold me over. It’s my favorite way to start the morning.

3. Super Soul Conversations

If you can’t tell, we’re all about soulful conversations around here. Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday is my favorite TV show, but sometimes I don’t get to catch it on TV, or I simply want to re-listen to the words of wisdom from Queen Supreme and her weekly guest. Thankfully, it has recently been added as a podcast offering. If you’re on the go but are looking for a deeper connection within, this is a must. I love how much more grounded I feel after each episode.

4. Homesick Candle

We talked about this in a recent Energy Email edition, but I have to say it again: I love, love, love my Homesick Candle. I got it as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s siblings and I love the meaning behind each candle. They have a line of state-specific candles, each of which has a scent reflective of the state’s characteristics. For example, I have the New Jersey Candle and it smells like a mix of cranberries and ocean air, which eases my constant homesickness from my home on the Jersey Shore. 

They’ve since expanded their line to also have candle collections for countries, cities, holidays, and memories. Next on my list is their Books Candle. Could there be anything better than that?

Oh, and even better: every candle is made of all natural soy wax in the USA.

5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I just so happened to pick up Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear when we were planning Spire 2.0. But that’s how the universe works, right? It was precisely what I needed to get my creative juices flowing. I am a huge Elizabeth Gilbert fan (if you read Eat, Pray, Love, I’m sure you know why) and without a doubt, this is my favorite book of hers to date. If you feel stuck in a rut or just need a creative shift in your energy, definitely check this out. 

Selfish plug: this is in our new bookstore, Spire Stacks.

6. Classic PJ set

When it comes to PJs, I’m the first one in and last one out. If I’m in my apartment, I’m wearing a PJ set. I’m not the kind of girl who has a substantial wardrobe but I make up for it with my excessive amount of PJs. (Which probably says a lot about my personality, haha.) 

One of my more recent PJ purchases were the classic J.Crew pajama set. Truthfully, I don’t find the value in their standard version (it’s a fabric thing), but I am a big fan of their lighter weight sister, available at J.Crew Factory. Plus, it’s much less expensive which is great because then I can get more PJ sets. At what point is it considered hoarding? 

7. Drybar Full Pint Medium Round Ceramic Brush

I’m the first one to admit I’m not big on spending money on beauty products, especially ones where I’m convinced I can get an equitable return from the drugstore alternative. However, when my friend and style blogger Anneke introduced me to the Drybar round brush, I discovered the value in a quality hair tool. At $40, this brush is legit twice the price of my current hair dryer, but it’s genuinely the best return on investment I’ve ever experienced. If you have flat hair, are looking to style it a little bit more, and don’t want to invest in an expensive hair dryer, this may be a worthy investment.

8. The Hairbrush Microphone Days

I have to be honest: I am not the girl who is the first to know anything. Early adopter? Literally never. That is unless it’s an Oprah product. But that’s it. When it comes to music, the only reason my playlist has evolved since middle school is because my sister creates the best playlists and she tells me what to listen to, thank heavens. 

But in the spirit of my middle school self, I created a 7+ hour playlist for Spire’s Spotify account, appropriately called The Hairbrush Microphone Days, featuring the best songs from the era of Disney Channel Original Movies, Uggs with skirts, and the Olsen twins. I have to say, this is the work I was born to create. (And this is the only playlist I’ll ever be qualified to curate.)

9. MoviePass

Have you heard of MoviePass yet?? I feel like you’ve either heard of it a million times or you’ve never heard of it. Eitther way, if you don’t have it, consider trying it out. For $10 a month (though now they have a special for $7.95 a month if you do the annual subscription), you can go to a movie every single day in theaters. I haven’t taken full advantage of it yet, but even if I go once a month to the movies here in New York, I get more than my money’s worth. So far it’s been a great (and inexpensive) date night with my boyfriend or girls’ night out with my girlfriends.

10. Corkcicle Tumbler

My dad is low key obsessed with Corkcicles. We are talking he could be a full on brand ambassador for them. So he raved about them for so long and when I said I was thinking about getting one of their pink tumblers for coffee, he surprised me with it for my birthday. It’s been my go-to ever since. It’s your stereotypical travel coffee mug, but I especially love its shape because it’s easy to hold and it keeps drinks hot for three hours. I use it nearly every day on my morning commute. 

What's on your Spire List these days? Share with me in the comments!


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