Channel Your Inner Warrior: How To Love Your Workout


It’s “bikini body” season again. This time of year, health and fitness brands heavily advertise their new workout regimens, diet plans, or fitness gear that will get you that perfect “bikini body,” just in time for summer! I have always hated this term: “bikini body.” It suggests that you need a certain type of body to wear a bikini. That you need a six pack to go to the beach. That you can’t show a little skin unless you’ve got bulging muscles. Well guess what. The beach does not care what you look like. The salt, the sand, and the sun will welcome you with open waves weather you look like a body builder or not. Go jump in. You will never achieve this “bikini body.” I used to think that this was a defeating thing to say to myself, but I’ve realized it’s actually empowering. If you accept the fact that a “bikini body” does not exist, you can stop stressing out trying to find it. You can start making health and fitness changes that suit your body, not some elusive, imaginary, anatomical type that only exists during summer months. You can start to feel happier making changes that make you healthier and more confident. You can start to love your workout and truly enjoy fitness.

I know what you’re thinking. No one can enjoy fitness. Working out is no Disneyland, but once your body realizes all of the amazing benefits from getting a little movement each day, it will thank you and beg for more. But this can’t happen if you hate your body or if you’re chasing someone else’s body type. You have to work out because you love your body, not because you hate it.

When you get on the treadmill, thank your amazing, powerful heart for pumping the blood throughout your body that allows you to run long distances. Thank your strong, beautiful legs for their unique ability to hold up the rest of your body, and push you forward. Thank your hard-working lungs, for breathing in oxygen and giving life to all of your other organs.

Your body is amazing; no matter its shape or size. Working out gives thanks to all of the incredible things your body does for you every day. It’s important to show gratitude to such an invaluable part of you by getting a bit of exercise. That walk around the block doesn’t sound so bad now, huh?

This summer, don’t work out to try and look like some imaginary character. Work out to look like the best version of yourself. Work out to be thankful for the amazing body that you were born with. Don’t worry about changes you may or may not see. Worry about how you feel. Now take that happy feeling all the way to the beach, show off whatever type of bathing suit you want, and jump in.


featured image by Among Other Things