How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Everyday Life

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You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about essential oils for beauty, skincare, natural cleaning, and more. But what exactly are essential oils and what can you do with them? It can all sound pretty complex.

Here’s the scoop: essential oils are a highly concentrated extract that can be incorporated into your daily life to improve mood, soothe sore muscles, relieve specific symptoms, and more. If you’ve been meaning to dive into the world of essential oils but just haven’t quite had the time to do the research, we’ll bring the details to you. Keep reading for a breakdown of the essential oils that could improve your daily life.

Common Essential Oils

These nine essential oils are some of the most common ones you might come across. This set from Amazon is a great place to start for quality, inexpensive oils.


You can count on peppermint for:

  • promoting a healthy digestive system

  • relieving sore muscles

  • treating joint pains

  • relieving headaches

  • improving circulation

  • relieving stress


You can count on eucalyptus for:

  • relieving headaches

  • feeling invigorating

  • boosting mental clarity

  • reducing pain and inflammation

  • improving seasonal allergies


You can rely on lavender for:

  • improving mood

  • reducing stress

  • supporting brain function

  • relieving headaches

  • improving sleep


You can rely on orange for:

  • reducing inflammation

  • boosting immunity

  • alleviating anxiety

  • relaxing muscular spasms

  • helping in the removal of excess gas and toxins

  • being anti-inflammatory


You can rely on lemongrass for:

  • relieving headaches

  • reducing stomach aches

  • alleviating abdominal and muscle pain

  • boosting energy

  • easing digestive tract spasms

Tea Tree

You can rely on tea tree for:

  • relieving congestion

  • being anti-bacterial

  • treating skin conditions (rashes, acne, etc)


You can rely on vanilla for:

  • promoting skin and hair health

  • relieving muscle pain and cramps

  • balancing hormones naturally

  • relieving PMS symptoms

  • reducing inflammation

  • helping to potentially lower blood pressure


You can rely on rosemary for:

  • boosting mental activity

  • relieving respiratory problems

  • reducing pain

  • balancing hormones


You can rely on frankincense for:

  • helping reduce stress reactions and negative emotions

  • boosting your immune system

  • improving memory

  • balancing hormone levels

  • easing digestion

  • serving as a sleep aid

How You Can Use Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential oils can be used for so many different applications. You can apply oils directly to your skin or, if you have sensitive skin, you can mix the oils with a carrier oil, like coconut, sweet almond, or jojoba oil. Fill a glass roller applicator, like this, with the carrier oil, and add about 10 drops total of essential oil(s). Try these different combos and apply throughout the day:

  • Lavender on the feet for relaxation

  • Peppermint on the stomach for digestion aid

  • Peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and/or lemongrass on temples for headache relief

  • Orange and/or peppermint on sore muscles for muscle relaxation

  • Tea tree on chest for congestion relief

  • Tea tree on face for acne

  • Peppermint, orange, lemongrass, and/or eucalyptus on wrists for energy

Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

A room diffuser is a great way to take advantage of essential oil benefits. Experiment with different oil combinations to find blends that you love. You can use the diffuser during the day while studying or working, at night to help fall asleep, or during a home yoga practice. Another way to incorporate essential oils without applying them directly to your body is with essential oil jewelry. Lava rocks are a porous material that holds onto scents for hours. There are bracelets, necklaces, and rings available where you can put a few drops of oil on the rock and wear throughout your day.

Essential Oils for Homemade Cleaning Products

Many essential oils have antibacterial properties and are a great option for all-natural cleaning. Combine any of the citrus oils and/or tea tree oil with purified water in a spray bottle and use as a room deodorizer, a counter spray, or a cleaner for your yoga mat.

Essential oils are a fun way to introduce aromatherapy into your life. There are so many uses and applications, so find what works for you, which scents you are drawn to, and start using them in your daily life!

Do you have any favorite essential oils? Share with us in the comments!

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