Our Fall Power Word: Meaning

For being the final full season of the year, autumn sure does feel like a new beginning, doesn’t it? Whether you’re back-to-school or just back to sweaters, this season brings forth another chance to get it right.

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After the chaotic, adventure-filled summertime, these months to come are a personal invitation to center yourself and savor the scenes right in front of you. From nature’s final hurrah, flourishing with its magnificent colors, to the cozy moments where all feels right with the world, this is truly the time to take it all in.

I, too, see this as another chance to get 2019 right. Just like the leaves on the trees, this year has brought many colors thus far and something tells me that we are all in for a vibrant end to the year. As I envision the remainder of 2019, I find myself thinking back to what has been. The fulfilling victories. The hard-learned lessons. The moments of pure joy. They have all paved the way to precisely where we are right now. The best part? We still have a ways to go.

When thinking about what this season’s Power Word would be, we kept coming back to a word that we believe centers us all. It’s this underlying feeling that fills us up when we have it and can leave us feeling empty when we do not. It’s something we are in search of and something we celebrate. It’s at the core of each and every one of us.

Spire & Co Fall 2019 Power Word

Who we are and who we want to be is all tied up in this word. We look for meaning in all things: our careers, our relationships, our aspirations, our belongings, all that we identify with our own little thumbprint on the world. From the things that comprise our days to the small moments where we get to dip our toes into something new, perhaps something we always have wanted to experience, a meaningful moment is what we are after. That’s why we’ll be covering the big stuff, like preparing yourself for your dream job and prioritizing your wellbeing, and the seemingly smaller stuff, like hacks for a dirty hair day and apartment gardening, that all come together to make life, you guessed it, meaningful.

But it’s not just about us. We want to create a meaningful impact in the world around us. In a climate of division and frustration, it can be a challenge to confidently move one step forward. That’s why we are introducing Spire Shifts–small ways you can create change by transforming actions you are already taking. And that’s not all. We’ll be highlighting causes that inspire us and lessons we are learning on our own paths to meaningful impact.

If there’s one wish I have for every person who ever encounters Spire & Co it’s that I hope she is left inspired to create the life she truly wants, whatever that may mean for her. There is no greater gift than to live a meaningful life. We can all create significant quality in our day-to-day and in the trail we leave behind as we walk through this remarkable opportunity that is life.

This season, we are going to discuss it all, all that it takes to live a life of significant quality. Because look around. Potential for a life well lived is right in front of you, sister. Together, let’s discover what it takes to make it meaningful.

So tell me, how are you hoping to make your life more meaningful this autumn? Drop it in the comments!

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