The Perfect Books For Your Fall Reading List


Falling leaves, temperatures dropping, and pumpkin spice coffee brewing all lead to the most beautiful season of the year. The feeling of comfort and a compelling atmosphere of peace make fall the perfect season to find methods of embracing these feelings, making the most of the season nobody can ever get enough of. One of the best ways to embody the feeling of fall is getting cozy with the perfect book and finding that time to relax into the season. Find your perfect book match in the list below of the best fall books for this season:

Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks

A new work by Nicholas Sparks released in the beginning of fall 2016, Two By Two is the next milestone work of Sparks' career. Sparks tells the story of one man who is having a picture-perfect life, one with a loving marriage, successful job, and a daughter who the light in his life. Within a blink of an eye, however, he is left with nothing but the responsibility to take care of his daughter and the task of adapting to a whole new way of life. The story tells what happens when one must embark on a journey that will test emotional bound. This novel exemplifies a powerful story of unconditional love, its challenges, its risks, and most of all, its rewards.

After You by Jojo Moyes

The sequel to Me Before You, Jojo Moyes brings back the characters that readers fell in love with in her second novel, After You. The story raises the questions of how one is supposed to move on after losing someone they loved, and how it is they are supposed to build a life worth living. Learning to navigate a new life and learning to fall in love again, and taking on the risks that brings, the story shows a different side of how life can be altered for the better in what seems like times where things could only be worse.

Chai Tea Sunday by Heather A. Clark

Having it all at the age of thirty-something means having a successful career, loving husband, and a perfect home. In Chai Tea Sunday, Heather A. Clark tells the story of her main character with whom suffers a complicated tragedy with her husband, leaving to a strain in their marriage that ultimately causes for the end of their relationship. Emotionally lost, Clark’s protagonist takes a trip to Kenya in effort to direct her energy and thoughts to helping the children and families there. Over steaming mugs of chai tea, the country’s signature drink, the idea of hope carrying on the country’s vision of a better life and better future is what allows them to persevere in their hardest times. Taking this same idea and applying it to her own life, the protagonist finds her path to create a better life for herself, as wel as for the families she is meeting. Chai Tea Sunday opens feelings of comfort and hope that are best accompanied in a season of renewal and love.

Autumn Getaway by Jennifer Gracen

Fall foliage shines in the amazing state of Connecticut, making it the perfect setting for Jennifer Gracen’s Autumn Getaway. Gracen tells the story of Lydia, a newly divorced mom, who takes a trip to Connecticut for a friends wedding. While love is in the Autumn air, it is at the wedding she meets a man with whom she feels an instant connection. Leaves changing on a new season of life, the story illustrates a journey to see if the connection was just in the season, or in the heart as well.

Five Years – The Meeting by Leonard Belmont

College is a time to define your future; though what we expect is classes and coursework that will excel us forward into a career, and sometimes we get a love that is once in a lifetime, instead. Five Years- The Meeting tells the story of the love you can feel even in the earliest parts of life. Taking place in the beginning of a new school year, the story matches the Fall season and sparks an excitement for the new opportunities that come with the Fall season. A warm fireplace and a hot drink are perfect to accompany this fall love story.