What New York Fashion Week Actually Looks Like


New York Fall Fashion Week of 2016 is making its return to the Upper West Side and leaving its mark on the Fall fashion season yet again. The final product of Fashion Week illustrates beautifully crafted runways, models envisioned in designers best work, and a belief in the world of fashion and how it truly does have the power to influence people so greatly. Beyond the perfectly orchestrated shows, however, are teams of designers, publicists, photographers, marketers, and fashion bloggers who allow this week of endless fashion to shine in its best light. Each and every person involved in the creation of Fashion Week are important to the shows, ultimately leading to the success of the fashion industry as a whole. Take a look at the different teams of people who work to bring us what some may argue to be the most important week of the year: Designers

The visionist, style forecasters, and reason for our love of clothing. Designers can often times be upstaged by his or her own clothing, but in the means of the fashion industry, it is totally acceptable- if not desired! When the clothes of New York Fashion Week are first introduced, thy make a statement about not just the seasons upcoming style and trends, but the designer and how he or she sees the current and future generation presenting themselves to the world. Fashion Week exists because of the beautifully crafted work of the designers,  as they give the greatest city in the world a reason to celebrate fashion.


Creating the headlines that tell you who, what, where, when and why, publicists allow news to be brought to light and magnified by journalists. Publicists main job is to be in control of the company’s public image, as well as manage all media relations for the company. In this current world of media serving as the catalyst for a company’s success, publicists jobs are more important than ever as they make sure the fashion company he or she represents is being showcased in the best possible light.


A picture is worth a thousand words; and in the case of Fashion Week, it’s also worth a thousand dollars. Where would the fashion industry be without photographers capturing the very moments that make a designer his or her company a success? Beyond the act of taking a photograph is the process of deciding what the best way to showcase a piece of clothing or an entire outfit, is. Photographers are also tasked with creating the image for the company that he or she feels bests represents the brand and will draw the public eye to want to know more and experience more of what the designer has to offer. Each picture that includes a designers clothing says something about the brand itself as well as how the brand translates to the world beyond the runways.


Walking the runways is one thing, but getting there is another. Making a mark in the world of fashion takes more than just a mastermind and a great team behind them creating clothes; it takes visionaries who understand how to promote the designers brand in a way that allows the public to envision the clothing impacting their lives in a positive way- changing the way they view themselves and the way they feel for the better. Creating new ways of advertising and promoting a brand, as well as researching how the public will best take in a new and innovative line of clothing is all encompassed in the job of marketing teams. As such a vital part of the industry, marketers make sure that the designer he or she works for will be talked about for time beyond the commencement of Fashion Week.

Fashion Bloggers

Being a part of the world of fashion goes beyond the professional side as boundaries have been released to include more than the established teams behind each fashion brand. Fashion bloggers have been a growing part of the industry and continue to show their impact on the world of fashion. These bloggers have the freedom to write with his or her own voice and express ideas about anything pertaining to the fashion industry. As a fashion blogger’s following grows and more people take an interest to what they have to say about the industry, fashion brands begin to take notice. Knowing the bloggers ability to reach an audience who listen to his or her thoughts, designers and brands actively invite these bloggers to the Fashion Week events, allowing for yet another outlet of publicity to be put to use.