How To Get An Award-Winning Smoky Eye

Because we want to be as dope as the super models in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, it’s pretty crucial for use to figure out the art of the smoky eye. But let’s be real here: most of the time we look like we just got punched in the eye. While everyone is different – from eye shape to color to personal preference – there are a few things we all should do to ensure we have a first-class smoky eye:

Use a great primer.

It’s not enough for your smoky eye to look ~fabulous~ right after you do it. Make sure that bad boy stays put all day! Using a great primer will make sure the color of your shadow pops and looks fresh all throughout the day. We love the Two Faced Shadow Insurance if you’re looking on the higher end, and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie Take On The Day Eyeshadow Primer for those with more of a drug store budget.

Blend, blend, blend!

The numero uno key to mastering the smoky eye is making sure you’re perfectly blended. This means using a nice fluffy shadow brush to make sure none of the eye shadow colors are too harsh. Pro tip: use a nice, matte neutral through your crease before you start playing with color to make sure everything blends out easily.

Drag your crease color along your lash line.

Using a eyeliner brush, use a little bit of your crease color to line along your lower lash line. This will tie the whole look together while giving you soft and smoky definition to your eyes.

Start with less, then build more.

You can always add more color if you don’t think it’s enough, but it’s pretty hard to cleanly take color away. When adding your boldest, darkest color, start off light. If it’s not looking smoky enough for your liking, add some more little by little. Pro tip: this dark, bold color should be going in the “outer V” of your eyelid.

Pair it with a flawless, neutral face.

With a smoky eye, you don’t want your whole face to be a wild burst of makeup. Pair these eye looks with a flawless face look with very natural looking blush and bronzer. Use a nude lipstick and voila, you’ve got the dopest smoky eye in the house.