Our April Intention: Get Through

Have you ever biked up a steep hill? Your legs are burning. Your bike seems to be moving at a snail's pace. Your pedal strokes seem to each take an eternity. You are so focused on the top of that hill because once you are over it, biking seems to get much easier. April is one of those months that has a tendency to be corroded with steep hills. They can take the form of game changing choices: college decisions, internship selections, academic deadlines, post-grad plans. They can look like challenging times: rejections, surprises, unexpected outcomes, fear. Or they can look like transitions: winter to spring, student to adult, boots to ballet flats.

Whatever your hill is this month, no matter how steep it may be, set a strong intention that will keep your eye on the top of the summit. The only way to get over that hill is to get through it, no matter how challenging it may seem.

We started setting intentions last month, and in keeping with our new tradition, we are looking at this month as a time to soak in the challenges that come our way and get through them. Why? Because once we reach the top of that hill, the view is going to be worth it. But most importantly, with every hill, you get to see the world from a higher viewpoint. That wider lens brings with it wisdom and strength.

So whatever you have to get through this month, whatever choices you have to make, they are nothing more than tools that will give you a wider, deeper view of yourself and the power that you hold.

This month, we'll be covering how to not just get through moments of trial, but how to be armed and ready for them, so you can conquer them quickly, even enjoying the process. From how to guides for actually shaking anything off to ways you can binge watch while you get through a tough workout, we'll be your partner in conquering crime all month long. Stay tuned for our next downloads collection (have you seen March's yet?!), interviews with unstoppable women, and articles from writers who want to have your back this whole month.

Hills aren't easy. But that's why we are called Spire, which is derived from words that mean to be able to breath easier and the highest peak on a summit. No matter what your summit is this month, we'll help you breath easier as you fearlessly climb it. In order to get over anything, we have to get through and we'll do it together.