Start Good Habits Now: Unhealthy Decisions That Affect You Later

Every decision that is made through-out the day can determine your health in the next few days and even the next ten years. It’s hard to pick through the thousands of articles out there that instruct you to eat certain foods or follow different diets. In all honesty, everyone has different opinions about what is healthy and what is not. But the most important thing to know is how the decisions you make now will affect you later as far as your health is concerned. There were hundreds on hundreds of points that this article could have focused on but these four were major ones that seem to relate more to every-day life. Drinking Soda

After drinking a soda, your body responds almost immediately by causing a spike in blood sugar which then causes an increase in insulin. The sugar that the liver can obtain is turned into fat, however, the amount of fat that is created relies on the amount of activity you do (are you in the gym after work or class or more likely to sit on your couch and watch Netflix daily.) In one regular soda there are about 39 grams of sugar. Take that into account with your activity level and you can see how over time the fat created from the soda can really pack on the pounds.

Using Fake Sweeteners

Maybe you’re looking at this and thinking, “But I thought they were zero calories.” You’re correct. Fake sweeteners like Splenda are zero calories. What you don’t know is that because they are taking the place of the sugar, they have the same effect as sugar on the body. In major studies, participants that used fake sugars were twice as likely to be overweight or obese. In this case, using sugar in the raw is probably the better choice.

Lack of Sleep

One of the age old traditions in college and the working world is the “all-nighter.” In this generation’s case, it’s more like a series of all-nighters. Believe it or not, that lack of sleep takes a major toll on your body. Three major effects of lack of sleep are memory loss, aged skin, and weight gain. Those are pretty drastic effects!

Skipping the Gym

As tempting as it is to skip the gym to sit and catch up on your favorite shows, the effects of skipping the gym are more drastic than you might think. While getting out of shape takes time, the more days you’re out of the gym, the closer you get to that point. Studies show that while a week out of the gym won’t be a major stick in your workout routine, two weeks out of the gym can drastically reduce your fitness level. If your workouts focus more on strength training than on cardio, those are more likely to suffer in strength level than your cardiovascular level because of the muscle type difference in the two areas of fitness. If your focus is to maintain health and fitness, it might not be wise to take more than a week off from the gym.