Your Guide To Rocking The Job Search

With May graduations coming up quick (sorry for that harsh reminder, seniors), we know you’re all gearing up to rock the job search. Trouble is, there are so many freaking things you need to remember, and so much riding on this process. We’ve broken the job search down for you into just a handful of easy steps to help you get ready to take the career world by storm:

Know where to look.

It seems pretty obvious, but you’re not going to find what you’re looking for if you’re searching in the wrong places. The number-one best way to totally slay the job search is to make sure you know all the places to look for listings.

Sure, you’ve got your LinkedIn search and school career center locked down, but make sure you’re looking all over the internet and then some. Check out websites like Glassdoor and Monster, or do a Google search using relevant terminology. Heck, even take a peek at your local newspaper’s classifieds section to see if there are any interesting local gigs waiting for you.

Job boards aren’t the only place to hear about new openings. Keep your ears perked whenever you’re around a networking contact (more on them in a sec), or ask around your family and friends. You can also try heading straight to the source by checking out the careers sections of big companies you admire to see what they have for entry-level jobs.

Network, network, network!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: networking is probably the most important thing you can do during your job search. Spruce up your LinkedIn profile, connect with important alumni from your school, head over to super awkward networking events – anything! Just make sure you get your name out there and in a positive way.

Know your stuff.

Sure, you’ve got it all together – you’re absolutely killer in your field, super smart, and ready to take the real world by storm. We’re sure you’re a no-brainer hire, but you know what will really set you apart? Being a total baller and knowing all of the biggest trends in your industry, that’s what.

We’re not saying you should be ready to step into the CEO seat just yet (although we know you’re totally capable), but you should be up-to-date on what everyone in your industry is talking about. Put aside the Netflix one night and pop open your laptop to immerse yourself in all things related to your biz to show you really have that X factor to help you land your first job.

Make sure you’re perfectly polished.

When it comes to getting a job, you need to show hiring managers and potential bosses that you actually give a crap about the work that you produce and take pride in yourself. The best way to do that? Be perfectly polished.

This means dressing for success on your next job interview. Paying attention to the little details. Checking for spelling errors in your cover letter. Making sure the formatting of your resume is like Beyoncé… ~flawless~. You know, the easy stuff.

It also means you walk in super confident and ready to show that you’re the most amazing candidate for this job listing. Let your personality sparkle, show that you have a backbone, and show that you’re passionate about what you’re looking to do. Nothing looks more polished and put-together than being 100 percent, authentically you.

Mind your p’s and q’s.

Getting everyone to love you in the professional world is about more than just knocking the socks off hiring managers with your impressive resume – it’s about being super polite.

While it might seem like common sense, we figure it can’t hurt repeating: always, always, always thank the receptionist or anyone else who assists you during your interview, and always, always, always send a little note along to your interview/potential networking contact after the interview.

Think of these little acts of politeness as not just the thing you need to do to show respect to the people at the company you’re applying to, but as a way to get you ahead in the job search.

If you strike up pleasant conversation with the receptionist while awaiting your appointment, she might mention something nice about you to the hiring manager. If you send a killer thank you email following the interview, you have the chance to remind the hiring manager of who you are and why you’re the obvious choice for this position. Win, win, win, right?