The Ultimate Guide To Staying Resilient No Matter What


Envisioning a path to follow is what gives us that initial spark to go after what we want. In the pursuit of accomplishing a goal, setbacks and challenges along the way have the ability to take us off track, distracting from our final destination. That is where resilience comes in. Though getting knocked off track can be discouraging, finding the drive to forge on is what separates those who succeed and those who do not. Resilience is the superpower that gives us the push to follow through our journey to the end. But this power isn't for the weak of heart. Persevering without exception is perhaps the most difficult aspect of any human experience.

If you are hungry to make your greatest aspirations a reality, you'll need resilience in your ambitions tool belt, so we dug in, did some serious research, and pulled together exactly what it takes to stay warrior strong in whatever uphill battle you are facing.

First, believe. Then, behave.

When finding yourself somewhere between the start and finish line, finding the motivation to keep going is never the easiest thing to do, especially if the finish line seems a little bit blurry. Resilience is believing that everything can be worked through. With this belief, a mindset follows and it is amazing what we can do when we allow ourselves to truly believe that anything is possible.

You've heard it before but your beliefs shape your reality. Our behavior adapts to this positive mindset and consequently, our actions reflect our new perception. That mindset ignites major self confidence and allows every hardship to be worked through instead of simply stopping us in our tracks. When we reject the opportunity to quit, we shift our perception of ourselves and the world around us positively, internally rejoicing in our ability to stay resilient. Believe that what you want is truly possible, and your behavior will follow.

Treat resilience like a practice.

Resilience can be thought of as a talent that can be practiced and improved in time, just like long distance running or computer coding. When the feeling of defeat overwhelms you, it can seem impossible to get back on track. It is then that our resilience becomes more important than ever. The key to staying resilient is to allow it to be the driving force behind moving forward, rather than fleeting emotions.

Throughout all different phases of our life, we are bound to experience tons of situations that knock us off our feet, making us question if what we are doing is really worth pursuing. Those situations, though, are the greatest opportunity for fine tuning our resilience skills. That is when we learn how to get back on track and continue on with the same passion and ambition that we began with.

Our internal resiliency can deepen over time, strengthened through experiencing different challenges, thus building our spiritual wall which will ultimately allow us to overcome any situation with ease. Think of resiliency like a sport for the mind. It allows us to figure out how we personally do best overcoming challenges and keeps our eyes set on the long-term picture.

Use resilience to find joy.

Ambitions are what set our hearts on fire. We are driven with the excitement that comes from seeing ourselves achieve our goals and finally take hold of our dreams. The resiliency that allows us to keep going in pursuit of our goals is the same thing that empowers us to find the joy in all of life. Finding the silver lining in any situation brushes off feelings of defeat and unsteadiness, enabling us to find and feel the joy that we all strive for in any pursuit.

The empowerment that joy brings is the same empowerment that will provide us the strength to continue our journey through thick and thin, setbacks and challenges. Being open and ready to be resilient is to be open to finding joy; and for that, we are given a new perspective on all of life’s crazy mountains that we sometimes have to climb.

Honor your failures.

Taking a step back and evaluating what needs to be done in order to get back on track gives us the heart space we need to refuel and refocus. To find the foundation of our resilience starts with identifying our failures, understanding that they are just as important as our successes. Accepting the times we have not succeeded offers us the opportunity to learn about ourselves from a new perspective. In doing so, we can determine how we can overcome challenges and get back on track in the future.

Honoring your failures provides motivation, inspiration, and a chance to start anew on your journey towards your goal. Going back into any situation knowing that you are supposed to learn through the process provides us with the mindset to embrace challenges and channel the resiliency we are building in ourselves to continue on and achieve our goals.

The most important thing to remember in times of trial is that this hardship is not happening to you. It is happening for you. Use it as a learning opportunity to fine tune your resilience so you can stay the path to becoming the truest essence of your soul.