Hello 2019

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Three. Two. One.

“Happy New Year!!”

The bar roared as the clock struck midnight. We were just a few miles from home, on our little island along the Jersey Shore. It seemed like I couldn’t walk two steps in the place without running into someone I knew. That’s the beauty of small beach towns.

But as luck would have it, as we went to call an Uber to get home, we were met with one of the not-so-great things about living in a town where most people vacation three months out of the year: there wasn’t an Uber, cab, anything of the sort to be found. So we walked home, jumping over puddles from the day’s rain (which wasn’t ideal for my velvet boots and me).

As we walked down the quiet seaside road, I started thinking about the years upon years I’ve spent on that road. Walking with my friends to go get ice cream. Racing to get to one of my summer jobs. Learning how to drive in the off season. Heading to my first date in high school with the guy who is still my boyfriend to this day. And the many late night bike rides with my closest girlfriends, talking about our aspirations and grand ideas of what the future may bring.

It had me thinking about 8 year old me. And 14 year old me. And 20 year old me. And all the years in between. It felt as if I was getting the chance to talk to her, updating her on how things were going. I thought about what I’d tell her. Sure, I’d give her the highlight reel, but I’d also tell her what I’ve learned about myself as I got older. I’d tell her what I’m still trying to figure out and what challenges I’ve yet to overcome. And I’d tell her to keep focusing on figuring out who she is.

No matter if we are little kids or fully grown adults, we are all striving to create the life we want. And the truth is, we may not know exactly what that looks like because we are still trying to figure ourselves out. But if we had a chance to truly talk to our younger selves, I think they’d all have the same underlying question: Are we happy?

So what if we started there this year?

It’s the season of New Years Resolutions and words of the year and all that good stuff. Around here, we are completely obsessed with goals. And there’s nothing like this time of year for setting meaningful intentions. So as we set those resolutions and define that singular word to guide us throughout the year, think about how you can get to a place where you can reply to that question with a resounding “yes!”

The New Years Intention

If 2018 taught me anything it’s that when you focus on understanding who you are and what you want, and pursue your day to day life accordingly, you slowly create the life you want. That’s why this year, my overarching intention is to be more of who I am and make moves accordingly. If something interests me, go towards it. If something I’m working on feels exciting, do more of it. If there’s a goal that is buzzing in the back of my mind, start (or keep) working on it.

And when it comes to things here at Spire & Co, our goal this year will be to have countless conversations around what it means to create the life you want, arming you with tangible tactics for doing it yourself and pairing it with inspiring stories of women who have done it for themselves.

But guess what? You’re already doing it.

We can all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves. We look ten feet, ten miles, and ten years ahead, and we’re focused on what it takes to get to that next step. Sometimes, that means we miss out on recognizing just how far we’ve already come. When we talk about creating the life you want, we in no way believe that you’re at the starting line right now and can reach the finish by the time December 31, 2019 rolls around. It’s a constant evolution of sorts and it’s one that you’ve been building for quite some time, even if you haven’t taken the moment to realize it. That being said, I do like to think with the right intention and time investment that you can make grand shifts in the right direction. So if you’ve felt like you’re coming up short, perhaps this can be the year for the grand shift.

This year, try doing this.

It takes a lot for a grand shift to occur. So the question is, how can we make 2019 the year we make it happen?

On that same walk home, we were talking about our goals for the year and when I talked about one of my big ones, my boyfriend replied, “Oh that sounds feasible.” I asked why, considering it felt like a monumental goal to reach. He replied by explaining what metric I had to reach each month, which in actuality was pretty small. It made me realize that so often we look at the big goal, dive in head first, and when it doesn’t seem like we are getting there fast enough, we fizzle out because we don’t think we are worthy of accomplishing it.

So here’s the facts: chances are, this year won’t be completely perfect. Face it, no year is. Use that as a permission slip to exhale. Instead of focusing on making every move right, focus on making a right move. Make one at a time and slowly but surely, we can all move closer to creating the life we want, rather than the life we’ve accepted.

Let’s make the younger versions of ourselves proud and set the future versions of ourselves up for success. Because we have already come so far. Because we can be more of who we are. Because we can create the life we want.

Happy New Year, sister.

Do you have any goals for 2019? Share them with me in the comments below!

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