How To Create Your Own Gym From Household Items

On a college, even post grad budget, affording a gym membership can be difficult. But who needs a gym membership when you can create your own home gym from items in your very own home? With bodyweight and weighted exercises, you can easily create a workout routine using everyday home furnishings and accessories.  Do you have a chair? Maybe a jug of water? Or how about even a wash cloth? You’re well on your way to creating your own home gym. The Chair

Most homes are equipped with a stationary chair, whether it sits at the dining room table or behind a desk. Stationary chairs are a great staple to any home gym because of the large amount of exercises that can be done with them including tricep dips, step-ups, elevated push-ups, elevated planks, knee tucks, and a variety of other exercises. Who said chairs were just for sitting?

The Jug of Water

Water is great for hydration but maybe it’s time to use those jugs for something else besides getting your daily intake of H20. With the weight of the jug, it can be used to do plank “rows” to help sculpt your arms and your core. Beyond that, the jug can be used as a makeshift “medicine ball” and can help add weight to your Russian twists. Try using the water jug to do standing side crunches for added benefits.

Old Rope or Cord

Most of us have old rope or cord lying around. Use the old rope or cord as a makeshift jump rope. Tie knots in each end to give yourself “grips” to hold onto. Viola! You’ve got yourself a jump rope to do all kinds of routines with. It’s great to add into a makeshift cardio circuit.

The Wash Cloth

Wash cloths are great to have in your home gym if you have hardwood, tile, or cement floors. Use a wash cloth (or old piece of fabric) to use as a sliding device during your core workouts. By placing two feet on the washcloth in plank position and drawing your knees into your chest and extending back out into plank position, you get a great core workout. This can also be done with side planks as well.

Large Laundry Detergent Bottle

Think kettlebells are the only way to get a killer full body workout? Think again. Try using your (closed) laundry detergent bottle to do similar exercises to ones you would do with a kettlebell. These exercises include swings, front squats holding the bottle out front, windmills, deadlifts, around the body pass, and even bent over rows.

A Broom Stick or Mop Handle

Sometimes bodyweight exercises need a little help with form and using a broom stick or mop handle can help tremendously. Try using the straight line of either of the two across the shoulders (similar to where a barbell would sit) and do exercises such as squats, good mornings, lunges, calf raises, and split squats (using a chair.) The stick will help with balance and form.