10 Things In Your House You Need To Replace Now

Whether for cleanliness purposes or just ‘cause, there are certainly things in your house or dorm or apartment just really have got to go. Need some household overhaul inspiration? Here are 10 things that you’ve got to replace now: Your toothbrush.

Because chances are you can’t remember the last time you got a new one, and you have rancid cold germs all over yours right now. Save yourself the grossness and pick a new toothbrush up from the store.

Your hairbrush.

If you’re anything like us, your hairbrush has all kinds of nasties in it, and cleaning out the hair just isn’t cutting it anymore. A hairbrush is like, five dollars, so make the move to better your hair life.

Your mop.

A dirty mop as gross as heck. Do yourself a favor and grab a new mop head (or hey, maybe one of those Swiffer thangs we see about on TV?) to ensure a spotless house.

Your bed sheets.

Between random stains (is that the mac and cheese we ate in bed a few weeks ago?) and icky pilling, your bed sheets probably need a revamping. Grab a cute set at Target, partially so you can replace your sheets, and partially so you can have an excuse to go to Target.

Your nail polish.

Because this stuff is pretty funky when it gets too old. Old nail polish takes forever to dry and simply doesn’t look right when it’s a clumpy. Toss the bottle and grab a new one today, before your manicure suffers.

The air freshener.

This a biggy when you’re changing seasons. Who wants to burn a honeysuckle candle when it’s the winter? Not us. Treat yo’self to a new air freshener so that your house smells like the season.

The hand towels.

This is such a big part of playing the host or hostess – your guests deserve lovely towels! While you’re letting yourself make the Target run for sheets, get some white hand towels. The best part of the white? You can bleach them. Win-win.

The area rug.

As cute as things can be, especially on a tile or hardwood floor, we have to be honest with ourselves and recognize how kind of rancid they are. Especially if you’re living in a dorm right now, there are probably some gross nasties chilling in those rug fibers, so we def suggest running out and getting yourself a new one. Chance to redecorate? We’ll take it.

The batteries.

The batteries. All the batteries. They probably need changing. If your remote isn’t working so swell, or your electric toothbrush, you little genius have already figured out it’s because the batteries are dead. Replace those sons of guns and then head out to get some more spares, because it’d really suck to have a storm come and not have batteries for a flashlight.

Basic over-the-counter medications.

It might be a little bit of a surprise that your basic over-the-counter medications (like Advil or Benadryl) have expiration dates. Definitely take a look at those to make sure that they haven’t expired (especially meds you don’t take very often, like cough syrup). Using expired medications could have side effects as harmless as simply not working to really bad side-effects that might make you sicker.