How Meditation Can Make You More Productive

photo by  Emily Henderson

The clock strikes 2 p.m., and your energy levels start to sink. That carb-heavy lunch you devoured has finally hit you, and you’re officially in the middle of your afternoon slump. This is also when your productivity begins to plummet.

It happens to everyone — except, perhaps, to those who meditate regularly.

Meditation provides many benefits, from a calmer mind to deeper sleep, and it can also help you get more done on a daily basis.

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Here are a few ways meditation helps make you more productive.

Improve Your Focus

The act of meditation enhances your focus by calming your mind. Since it’s much easier to check items off your to-do list when you stay on-task, the better concentration will boost your productivity. So when you stop to center your mind on the work in front of you, you’ll oust the majority of the distractions that steal time from the things that really matter.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Did you ever think that meditation could help you to build better relationships? It can. Relationships can be a great source of stress, particularly in the workplace and especially when you make assumptions based on the way you perceive someone’s words or reactions.

When you practice meditation regularly, you learn to stop and think before you assess a situation. This allows you to more clearly understand the intentions of others, which can improve interpersonal relationships.

Ease Your Stress

If you have a certain situation that’s causing stress to play over and over again in your mind, it’s going to sap your focus and energy, therefore drastically decreasing your productivity. Meditation may significantly ease stress by giving you the tools you need to quiet your thought processes, even in the midst of external mayhem.

One study pitted three groups of human resources managers against each other while performing a high-pressure multitasking activity — those who meditated experienced less stress.

Boost Your Creativity

Are you hitting a wall with your creativity at school or work? Maybe you need to add some meditation into your daily routine.

Your brain is divided into two major sectors: one that’s creative and another that’s analytical. A study at UCLA discovered that when you meditate, you help forge a connection between the two halves, which may help you get the creative juices flowing more easily.

Enhance Your Memory

If you find that forgetfulness tends to sidetrack you throughout the day, taking a few minutes to breathe and center yourself could help. Employees who underwent meditation training had an easier time remembering their duties, according to a study by the University of Washington. You could boost your memory in a similar way when you decide to meditate.

Meditation offers an array of benefits, and starting up a meditation routine can be helpful at any time. Consider getting into meditation — and the sooner the better since finals are here, and the summer job search is also quickly approaching!

Have you ever given meditation a try? Share with us in the comments below!

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