Lean On Me: How To Be A Support System


Life is uncertain, and sometimes the world can be a scary place. It’s in those times that having a support system can be crucial. But what makes up a support system, and how can you best support those around you who need it most?

Simply be.

Often times when someone we care for is experiencing difficulty, we find ourselves at a loss for words. What can I say to make it better? The truth is, there is no magical formula for the right thing to say. However, simply being present can hold more weight than a hundred words. Being present means to physically be with someone as well as mentally. Actively listening to your hurting loved one can give them the love and understanding they need.

Speak their language.

You may or may not have heard of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Essentially, we all accept and express love in different ways. Take the time to find out how your loved one accepts love. Maybe it isn’t through the physical reassurance of a hug, but through the small gift of bringing them coffee during a rough week at work.

Be a voice of advocacy.

Sometimes when we are struggling it is difficult to retell over and over why we are feeling a certain way. It is in those times that having someone that we trust to speak on our behalf can lessen the weight of sharing struggles. This doesn’t mean that you fuel gossip about a struggling friend, but be a voice of advocacy that can help others around you empathize with their difficulties.