How to be Assertive at Work Without Seeming Bossy: Ask Sarah

"How do I assert myself at work without seeming bossy?" - Anne, 23

    It is certainly easy as a female to be accused of being bossy in a workplace environment. Do not allow this to stifle your place as a leader, however. The first thing you need to do is to place yourself in the right mindset. If you are afraid of coming across as bossy, then you might have a greater chance in doing so. If you view yourself as a leader instead, your entire person will change -- everything from your body language to the way you delegate tasks.

The second thing to remember is that being a good leader is all about how you treat people. Keep firm, stand your ground, and never apologize for it, but also remember to treat your co-workers with respect. This will set you apart as a leader.

Lastly, the difference between a leader and boss is that a leader does just that: they lead. Delegate tasks but work with your team. Be willing to put in the time it takes to keep everyone working towards a common goal. Those under your leadership will appreciate it more if they see you at the helm instead of just standing by giving orders.