How To Celebrate Yourself Daily

Life sure can get overwhelming, can't it? We spend so much time running and can never seem to stop--everything is important and needs to be done right now. It sometimes makes us forget the most important thing that needs immediate care on a regular basis: yourself. One way to do this is to celebrate yourself daily. Here's how: Celebrate Others

No, seriously. Few things will make you feel better than loving on other people because it's just a really good thing to do. Plus, in a weird way, it makes you feel better because guess what? You realize how amazing the people around you are and that reminds you of how worthy you must be of their company, which feels pretty good.

Take An Hour A Day For Yourself

You may be looking at this and thinking, "An hour?! Who has that kind of free time?" We get it--we don't have a solid hour to spare either. But an hour every day, broken up into short little sections? Definitely doable. Read a page or two of your favorite book, watch a motivational YouTube video, or take a trip to your favorite bakery. It will keep you from losing your mind and remind you to make yourself a priority.

Give Yourself Props

You are awesome. You're doing a really, really good job at being you. Please remember this and take credit when credit is due. The world is good place but sometimes isn't so big on giving you the mad props you deserve. You don't always have to be humble--in fact, you shouldn't be. Never forget you are worthy of celebrating.