How To Change Your Perception Of "Temptation Foods"

There you go, scrolling through your Instagram feed with food envy again. Your Instagram crush just posted a picture of her favorite go to cupcakes for a third day in a row. “How does she eat those and stay so thin?” probably just popped into your head, accompanied by a little jealousy. Temptation foods are unavoidable. Whether it’s a giant cupcake with a huge tower of icing on top of it or a basket of chips with salsa at your favorite restaurant – everyone has foods that are more tempting than others. Lucky for you, there are a few ways to make those temptation foods a little less “sinful.” Stop avoiding them.

That’s right; stop avoiding them. The more you try to stay away from the foods that tempt you most, the more likely you are to binge on them later; and then subsequently feel guilty about indulging a little too much. Instead of avoiding them, try giving yourself one meal a week to give into temptation and enjoy a little treat – for health purposes of course. This trick actually allows your body to adjust to healthy eating and doesn’t create a feeling of deprivation.

Create healthier versions.

For some, going cold turkey is the only way to keep a healthy and balanced diet. Indulging may not be the best thing for people that struggle with overindulging. If this applies to you (or even if you want to mix up your meals) try making healthy alternatives to your favorite cheat meals. Pinterest is a great place to find healthier versions of your favorite meals – whether it’s making brownies with black beans or replacing ingredients with avocados, you can find tasty recipe alternatives.

Find alternatives.

Instead of going through the work to create similar recipes, find alternatives to your favorite temptation foods. Instead of going for a milk chocolate bar, try a dark chocolate bar. Little changes like this can help cravings and still promote healthier choices when little temptations strike. You’ll be surprised at how much you end up loving the healthier alternatives!

Pro Tip: Try green bean crisps to replace chips. You’ll thank us later.

Stop going out to eat to socialize.

Socializing generally takes place over food or drink of some sort. But instead of just taking a toll on your bank account, it can create unhealthy eating habits as well. One of the most tempting things is to brunch over endless mimosas (or virgin cocktails if you’re not yet the big 21) and a delicious supply of pastries, hash-browns, and cheese filled omelets. When your friends are eating just as much if not more than you, it’s easy to make peace with eating more than you normally would at home. Somehow it’s justifiable if everyone else is doing it. Next time your friend suggests going out to eat or to Sunday brunch, try a smoothie bar or natural foods restaurant instead.

Drink water before big meals.

With holiday meals, birthday celebrations, friend’s reunion dinner, and numerous other occasions with heaps of delicious foods tempting your taste buds; try drinking a big glass of water before loading your plate. By drinking water before you eat you’re less likely to overindulge; and will still be able to enjoy the meal without feeling like you want to roll away from the table instead of walking. This way the foods that are the most tempting will still make it on your plate, but in much smaller portions