How To Clean Out Your Closet In 4 Easy Steps

New year, new… organization system? The new year is an awesome time to get yourself reorganized, and that can start when you clean out your closet. It can be a bit daunting to clean out your closet (what can we say? We love clothes), but we promise you, if you use these four steps, you’ll be good to go: Step One: Get rid of what doesn’t fit.

We all have that pair of jeans that are just a little too snug, but we keep them around in case we ever need them. Pass these on to charity, and make a deal with yourself that if you ever need a pair of jeans that are three sizes smaller than you are now, you’ll treat yourself to a new pair.

Step Two: Toss things with tags.

It’ll probably be super painful to get rid of something that still has the tags on it, but if it’s been sitting in your closet for months and you still haven’t ripped the tags off, you probably didn’t want it that bad. Try giving it to a friend or a charity, or if you really want some of the money back, try consigning it.

Step Three: Say goodbye to repeat pieces.

Sometimes our closets get super clogged up with pieces that look exactly the same. Try minimizing your wardrobe by getting rid of these repeats. Do you really need two grey cardigans? Probably not.

Step Four: Do a final sweep for things you don’t wear.

Just because it doesn’t fit into one of the other three categories doesn’t mean it should still hang out in your closet. Before calling it quits from your clean-out sesh, do a quick scan for anything that you simply don’t like anymore and pull it out. Think of it this way – taking the extra five minutes to do this step makes room for more new clothes.