Pro Tips: How To Create An Email Signature

Having a clutch email is kind of Being A Professional 101, and that includes having an appropriate email signature. But how do you tack that on, and what kind of information do you include? Here’s a breakdown of our favorite email signature best practices: See if your company has a standard one.

If you’re working in a professional setting, chances are your company has an official signature that includes company info and a logo of some sort. Before setting your own signature, check to see if your work email should have something specific.

Include contact information.

If you’re setting up a signature for your personal email, or if your company has a lax email signature policy, just make sure you have something that has all of your contact information. It’s pretty standard procedure to put your first and last name, email, and phone number. Depending on the industry you’re in, you might also want to add your personal website if you have one or a Twitter handle (but make sure both are 100 percent appropriate before adding them).

Get creative where appropriate.

For some of us, having a more ~creative~ email signature could do us a whole lot of good. If you’re in the arts, or if you have a really strong personal brand with a logo that you use on a blog or website, go ahead and incorporate it into your signature. Just make sure that all links and formatting are perfect before adding them in – nothing is more awkward then having your email look all wonky because you didn’t perfect the email signature.

But how do you add it in?

The actual logistics of adding in your email signature totally depends on the kind of email account you have; however, you can usually find signature information under your email’s settings. In most cases, a simple copy and paste will suffice.

In settings you can also choose certain preference, like how your signature appears after you’ve replied to an email more than once. This is especially helpful if your email signature is a little big because it makes the message thread a little less cluttered.

Why do I need an email signature?

Having an email signature isn’t exactly an adulting requirement, but it does look pretty snazzy. Email signatures really make the message you’re sending look official, and makes you seem like you’re really serious with how you’re presenting your brand.

Having an email signature is also pretty pragmatic because it gives the recipient your contact information all in one place. Even though you’d think they could find your email address from the initial message you sent, it’s just common courtesy to include it at the end of the message as well. Likewise, adding your phone number helps people who would rather talk things out with you over the phone.

Think of your email signature as your business card – if you were at a networking event, you’d expect a professional to give you a business card with all of their contact info, right? The same goes for your emails. Do yourself a favor and make the simple move of adding in an email signature, helping you to put your best foot forward into the professional world.