How To Deal With Other People's Negativity

You know it all too well. You wake up, fully rested, make yourself a delicious breakfast, and head off to start your day. You are on total cloud nine, until someone completely disrupts your moment of inner peace with their own negative energy. Dealing with other people's negativity shouldn't be your responsibility, but sometimes, it's unavoidable. The good news? You can totally shield yourself from the Debbie Downers in your life.


Direct your power

The most important thing to remember is that you have no power over them. While you can lead them in the right direction, only they can decide how they want to approach life. Instead, use that energy more efficiently by directing it inwards. Use your power to create a force field around yourself, shielding yourself from outer negative energy. Just as they are the only ones who can choose their outlook on the Universe, the same goes for you. Channel your inner Supergirl and fight off the negativity.

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Resist the urge to join in

Complaining is like cookies. When it is put in front of you, you can't help but dig in. And just like cookies, it quickly becomes unhealthy. While venting can be beneficial, it is often just used as an excuse for projecting the negative energy you feel within. Keep in mind: what you put into the Universe matters. If someone in your circle of influence starts to complain, add to the conversation by trying to find something to be grateful for in the circumstance. You'll be able to redirect the conversation and add more positivity to the environment.


Take inventory

We all have that friend who is perpetually negative. Why do we let them stick around? Likely it's because we care about them and fall back on memories we've made. But at what cost? Life is hard enough. Don't be afraid to ask yourself if that person (or that much time with that person) is worth it. While relationships are important, a healthy relationship with yourself is much more vital. If they are in any way obstructing that, the time may have come to part ways or at the very least, to distance yourself. Take inventory of the people that influence you. Ensure they are influencing you positively.


Lead by example

Just as negativity is contagious, so is positivity. Wherever your day takes you, try to leave some good energy. The Universe will repay you.


Get serious about energy

The concept of positive and negative energy can sound ridiculous. But think about it. When you get bad news, it can ruin your whole day. When something good happens, it can change your entire outlook. Simply put, the energy you put out into the world will come right back to you in tenfold. Doubtful? Try to be insanely positive for an hour after reading this. See what happens. And then, start being more mindful of the energy you put into the world and consequently, the energy you are willing to surround yourself with.


Throw some gratitude on it

We talked about this in our February e-book. When you are confronted by any kind of challenge (such as other people's negativity), throw some gratitude on it. Instead of accepting the downer vibes, pause and find something to be thankful for in that moment. If nothing comes to mind easily, just be grateful that you are not riding the miserable mobile.



Dealing with other people's negativity is all kinds of draining and deflecting it takes up even more energy. After going to battle with other people's negativity, take time to recharge. Text the most positive person in your life. Meditate for even two minutes. Read a chapter of a book you love. Check out a funny Instagram account (for an encouraging one, check out SPIRE's Instagram!). You only have so much fuel to fend off bad vibes. Give yourself some time to fill yourself back up.

Whether it comes from your best friend, a complete stranger, or just something online, other people's negative energy takes a toll on all of us. But you are far too powerful to allow someone else to have influence over you.