How To Find Your Music Taste

We’ve all got that girl who we totally have a giant girl crush on – she’s just cool, confident, and completely collected. Something that these girl crushes all seem to have in common is an unwavering sense of musical taste. We’re all just standing over here like, I want to be that girl. I want to be super into some kind of music, too. Well don’t worry, guys, because we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to find your music taste: Take note of what you’re always gravitating toward.

Are you usually bumping some country tunes, or chilling out to some acoustic? Maybe you’re the kind of person who loves listening to EDM. Keep an eye on the kinds of music you’re gravitating toward so you have a place to start. Then start building your music collection from there.

Don’t put yourself in a box.

So even though we’re telling you to start off by pinpointing the genre you’re naturally drawn to, don’t keep yourself inside that box. Boxes can get kind of boring, and you’re better pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. If you like country, you might want to dip a little bit into folk, or EDM lovers might also really like rap. The key to figuring out your taste is by remembering that your taste knows no boundaries.

Get on that Pandora game.

While Spotify might be a go-to for making playlists of our old favorites, Pandora is the for discovering new tunes. If you know you’re wicked into Alessia Cara right now, you can make a Pandora station based off music that is similar to hers. Soon you’ll have exposed yourself to all kinds of music that you’re likely to love, and you can start making it a part of your regular collection.

Know what you don’t like, and don’t apologize for it.

Some people just do not like country. It just isn’t for them, and that’s totally okay. Something that’s almost as important as knowing what you like is knowing what you don’t like. Even though we definitely think you need to be open when trying out all kinds of music, being able to kind of rule out a certain genre is all a part of defining your music identity.

Remember that it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Music is so important—like so, so important. It’s something that brings people together, keeps you company when you’re feeling alone, and perhaps most importantly, gives you something to dance to. Which is why you really can’t lie about who you are, what you like, and what you’re about when it comes to music taste. Just because you’re into something really unique (like say, smooth jazz) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share that loud and proud. Besides, if you let other people define your music taste, is it really your taste? Probably not.