How To Get More Of What You Want

Whether it’s scoring that dream internship or getting a fridge-worthy grade on your bio final, figuring out how to get what you want often seems like a larger-than-life feat. Like, how does one just *get* an A on their bio final? The world may never know. Except we know, and we’re here to tell you that you totally can do this. Yeah, it might not be easy (as our boy Noah Calhoun says in The Notebook, it’s actually going to be really hard), it will be worth it and completely doable with these steps.

Set your intention.

You’re probably thinking, hey Spire & Co, you kind of talk about this intention setting thing a lot… and we do! For a good reason. Setting your intention is super important because it helps you figure out exactly what you want out of an experience. Sometimes it really is the end-goal that you’re looking for, like getting an A in biology.

But sometimes it’s a little muddier. Do you really need that internship at that specific tech start-up, or are you just looking for great experience as a boss lady who codes? Figuring that out will help you get the most out of what you’re trying to get done.

Break it down into little steps.

While the intention of getting an A in bio and the intention of getting a rad internship sound pretty different, they have one important thing in common – they’re both multi-step processes. You can’t just walk into class one morning and get an A in bio, just like you can’t just show up and get what you want in life, either.

Try sitting down with an old fashioned pen and paper and write down the specific steps you need to take in order to reach your intention. This makes your goal so much less daunting and gets you ready for all of the work that lay before you. Bonus points for figuring out your intention for each of your steps along the way.

Get ready to fail.

Like we (and Noah) said above: getting what you want is not going to be easy, and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. It might take you two or three (or a hundred) tries before you succeed at what you’re trying to do, but those missteps are also so important to your journey. Learn how to value them and incorporate them into your overall goal.

This is another place where your intention comes into play. You might’ve really had your eye on a computer programmer internship at Google, but fell short of that. But wait! You got one with a start-up in your hometown. You might not have gotten to the specific place you wanted to be, but you’re still following your intention, which makes this ‘failure’ (although we’re not sure you can even call it that) way more worth it.

Also get ready to succeed.

While you definitely need to stay humble and stay hard-working while trying to get what you want, you also need to keep yourself prepared for the day you succeed. Because you will succeed.

This all connects back to believing in yourself and knowing how to stand in your own spotlight. Keeping in mind the day that you do succeed will help you push past the days where maybe you kind of sort of don’t. Things might not be total winner winner chicken dinner yet, but you know one day they will, and you need to get amped for that.