How To Make Thanksgiving A Daily Practice


Highlighted by the holiday season, Thanksgiving serves as the one day a year the world seems to stop, making it possible for us to focus on what we are thankful for and those who share these thoughts of thanks and love with us. In minutes after the clock strikes twelve on Black Friday, we all find ourselves (whether we realize it or not) forgetting the attitude of thanks, leaving us without the entire day's intention. Making thanksgiving a daily practice gives us the opportunity to carry out the same feelings of gratitude we feel during the holiday into every corner of our lives. Through these steps, we can achieve thanksgiving as an attitude and a state of grace.

Sow gratitude in the beginnings of each day.

Waking up each new morning means waking up to a new day of opportunity and growth. As each new day is a gift, it is important to treat it like one. Sowing gratitude in the beginnings of each day gives us that chance to see the day for all it is worth, carrying a mindset that encourages us to approach daily tasks and encounters with a positive mindset, one open to growth. As we implement thanks into the beginnings of our day, we prepare ourselves to view everything in our day to come as a gift and opportunity, allowing us to identify all of the positives in our lives. Being thankful begins with the seeds we plant in the beginnings of our days because after all, the best things come from the best intentions.

Be thankful before good things come your way.

Being grateful before good things come our way challenges us to stay in an attitude of grace in our day-to-day lives. This attitude allows us to refocus our thoughts on being present, appreciating what we have rather than looking forward to what we want. When we are more aware of how the things in our lives affect us for better or worse, we are to recognize the lessons that they teach us and the impact they have made to shape who we are and who we will become. Practicing gratitude in the present will set the foundation upon how we will interact with trials in our future.

Write it down.

Writing down what we are thankful for gives us that subtle sense of realization that no matter what, we are presented gifts each and every day. With just a piece of paper and a pen, making a gratitude list of any length allows us to visualize what we can so easily take for granted. Plus, it comes in handy on days where feeling thankful can seem all but impossible. In that way, it is like writing a love letter to our future, troubled self, where we remind ourselves that light is never too far from darkness.

Writing things we are thankful for further sows the reminder into our core selves that we often have more than what we perceive. Looking at the things that shape our lives can provide a new lens into the world around us.

Share gratitude with others.

Recognizing our own gratitude through thought, writing, and words all allow for us to hold an attitude of thankfulness in different heart spaces. Through sharing our gratitude with others, whether it be an online post, conversation with friends, or a simple text saying "thank you," we pass along the thanksgiving energy to others. In doing so, we allow our thoughts and feelings have a more active role in our existence and we give that other person the permission to do the same.

Plus, in sharing what we are thankful for, we express the values and things that hold meaning to us. And you know what they say about the law of attraction: focus on the blessings and more will be sent to you.

Thanksgiving can be just a holiday, but it can also be a practice that transforms the course of your life.