How To Practice Self Love Today

It’s not always easy to love yourself sometimes--we get it. When you trip and spill your things everywhere or don’t get the best test grade, it’s hard to give yourself a pat on the back. However, what’s important to keep in mind is that as funny as it sounds--nobody spills things like you do. It might be a silly example, but the message rings true in that you are YOU. You are a completely unique combination of human, which should make you feel pretty special--because you are! Too often, we feel as if we are defined by numbers or labels--as if they dictate our value or purpose. We assume that if we do not achieve a certain score or ideal that we’re worth less. I am here to tell you that those ideas could not be more wrong. It’s crucial to know that you are so much more than what the scale reads, or what people might say about you. You are a lovely person who doesn’t have to try to look a certain way, be a certain shape, or appeal to a specific standard. To practice self love, it is important to note that the only standards that matter are the ones you strive for to benefit yourself.

I always thought it is so beautiful that all people have traces of the first members of the human race inside of us. We all have a little bit of stardust, hidden in the nooks and crannies of our souls. Don’t dim that wonderful light inside of you by trying to fit a certain mold. The way you are, your unique structure and composition, is unlike anyone else in the universe. It would be a crime to deny yourself the chance to thrive in that special skin--your own skin. Nobody is like you, and that is a remarkable thing. Just because somebody is better in one aspect of life than you does NOT make you futile as a whole. Don’t dwell on your perceived weaknesses. Recognize that you have the right to take charge of your life and love yourself--because you deserve it.

If you’re having trouble loving yourself, remember this: did you know that there are over a thousand cells in your body working just to keep you functioning and alive? There are tons of tiny little soldiers manning your body and helping you get out of bed in the morning. They’re all devoted to loving you and keeping you healthy always.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself. We all get stressed, and very often we forget how hard we’re working. We get so caught up in completing our assigned tasks that we neglect ourselves in the process. If you’re feeling anxious about work, recognize that it is perfectly ok and healthy to take a break. So, grab that snack and jam out--it’s crucial to take time off sometimes.

Recognize that you change your world when you change your attitude. If you start your day off in a positive mindset, it will help will line up everything else. Of course, it’s unrealistic to love every early morning wake up. However, if you start the day thinking it is going to be at least pleasant, you’ll enjoy it more. So, smile! It’ll definitely prompt more self-love and acceptance.

Remember that you are a work in progress, and that is perfectly okay. Self-love is not going to happen overnight. This is very normal, as it should be a process of self-discovery! If you work at it each day you can and will get there.