What You Truly Have To Do To Rise Up

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You've got a lot going on. It is no secret. Whether it's your job, school, personal life, family life, or all of the above, you are totally busy. You are working day in and day out to get what you want out of life. You plan on making a serious impact in this world. Sure you are aware that life is never completely perfect but you consistently strive to be better. With all of this gusto that you have come struggles, problems, stresses, and things that tend to drag any of us down. How can you push past those trials to achieve a full and empowering life? You rise up.

What exactly does it mean to rise up?

This is up for interpretation, of course. The act of rising up includes abandoning all caution and moving past the struggles we may face in order to achieve what we really want.

Rising up is the act of once and for all truly letting go of the worries that try to consume us. When you are ignoring the little guy on your shoulder who tells you that you cannot reach your goals, you are rising up. When you are not afraid of failure because you know that with each mistake made a life lesson is learned, you are rising up. Each day that you wake up, do the best that you can do, and go to sleep aware of the impressive goals you are working towards, you are most definitely rising up.

But it's easier said than done.

Of course it sounds like a good plan to just say you are going to rise up against anxieties, fears, and problems but how can you actually accomplish that? It's not simple, but the good news is that its possible.

Life is jam-packed with problems and you will never dodge them all. However, with the right frame of mind you can definitely be prepared for the potential problems that may come your way. Once you are aware that plenty of things will go wrong, you cannot possibly allow these issues to set you back because you have already accepted that they are inevitable. You will fail, you will stumble, you will have plenty of problems. We all will. Since you are human and all, this is all probably old news to you because you've witnessed a few slip ups so far. You will never be able to entirely rise up if you allow a few road blocks along the way to completely throw you off track.

This is the first step in giving it all up: releasing the idea once and for all that you can control everything in life. You can't and that is okay.

A trick to rising up is inventing some type of game plan. How will you personally be proactive and give it all up? Saying it and doing it are two different things, so how will you take the great stand against these annoyances?

Maybe you will decide to take up meditation or sign up for a weekly yoga class. Maybe you will dedicate one hour each day towards catching up on some powerful reads based on your own goals. Or maybe you have dreamt up your own ideas for tackling this head on. Whatever works for you, it is a bold idea to empower yourself and be proactive in this feat. Do not sit around waiting to just magically give up the doubts, fears, and anxieties. You must pioneer against them and moves towards that happiness you crave. In doing so, you will most definitely begin rising up.

So if you want to give up all the things that are trying to pull you down, you have to counteract them and finally show these problems who's boss (by the way, it's you).

And finally, having self love and a deep faith in yourself is absolutely essential in the process of rising up by giving it all up. This might sound cliché but loving yourself and believing in not only who you are at the moment but who you are destined to become is truly the best remedy for yourself. If you do not cheer yourself on, who else is going to? Being there for yourself is a fantastic way to assure that you can rise up, defeat the demons, and most importantly, you can and will move past the struggles and be something remarkable in this world.