3 Methods I Swear By To Stay Energized Without Coffee


It's the age old question, how to stay awake without coffee. No one ever said it would be easy, and I definitely faced challenges along the way. But now I can say that I did it, and I feel so much better. I am a formercoffee addict. I am no longer dependent on that warm, comforting, creamy cup of goodness. Okay, well, not entirely. I still love that fresh-ground flavor in the morning, but I have cut down on my total coffee consumption by more than half. I used to drink 3-4 cups per day, and now I limit myself to one. Max. While coffee is not the worst thing for you, I noticed that I was totally dependent on it. If I did not have that second or third cup in the afternoon, I would feel sleepy, headache-y, and even irritable. Now that I’ve cut back, I feel so much better and actually more energized. I’ve got a few tips on how you, too, can resist the urge to re-caffeinate, boost your energy, and power through the afternoon. We can do this.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

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Indulge in dark chocolate.

When I first started my coffee withdrawal, I knew that I would need something to boost my mood just as much as my energy levels. Chocolate is my little secret to happiness. I bought my favorite Ghirardelli dark chocolate sea salt bar, put it in the fridge (try it!), and decided to swap out my afternoon cup for a three o’clock square of dark chocolate. Not only does chocolate put you in a better mood, but it also has a bit of caffeine so it’s a great way to wane yourself off of a coffee addiction. Biting into the bittersweet treat instantly puts a smile on my face and sends a shot of joy through my body. I let out a relaxed sigh and forget all about that measly cup of joe.

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Get moving.

Exercise might sound like the worst thing in the world if you’re feeling that afternoon slump, but it’s actually the best way to put a pep back in your step. I’m not saying you have to lace up your sneakers and hit the treadmill. I’m just saying you need to move. This could mean a swift walk around the block, ten quick squats at your desk, or even a little afternoon cleaning. If I’m at home, I’ll blast some music and vacuum my apartment. At work, I’ll take a standing meeting with my boss or offer to run an errand. The point is to get your blood moving, and you’ll be able to ride that flow right until dinnertime.

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Try an alternative beverage.

Just because you’re giving up caffeine doesn’t mean you have to give up your afternoon coffee break. Just make it a fresh juice break instead. I love walking to my favorite juice shop and getting an energizing concoction of spinach or kale, apple, lemon, and ginger. Greens in your juice will naturally boost your energy and the spice from ginger (or you can try it with cayenne if you really love spice) will wake you right up. Plus, the delicious taste and fun flavor will add some excitement to an otherwise average day. Your body will thank you for this quick pump of nutrients, and will reward you with energized vibes all afternoon long.