How to Survive the Cold When You Love the Warmth


I never considered myself a warm weather lover. Growing up in the South, I loved nothing more than a breezy, crisp fall day. Winter, to me, meant cute coats, scarves and hot chocolate. That all changed when I moved to the Northeast to attend college. It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but thanks to several of my polar bear friends (seriously, shorts in 40 degree weather?) I’ve managed to acquire a few helpful tips for staying toasty.

The Puffy Jacket

I swore up and down that I would never own a wearable marshmallow aka a puffer coat. However, when the temps started to dip around Thanksgiving, I changed my tune. Thankfully, there are several brands who carry puffer jackets that don’t resemble the michelin man. For my fellow vegans, there are also a handful of options that do not include the use of down. I managed to find a Steve Madden puffer on Amazon for a good price over Black Friday.

Take Your Coat Off and Stay A While

Now that I’ve told you to get a good coat, I’m going to tell you to take it off, right? A small way to adjust to colder temps is to take off your coat and other wintry gear when inside. This may seem like a no-brainer, but how many times have you walked around the grocery store or sat down in a classroom without thinking about taking off your coat and hat? And then when you go back outside, it feels even colder. Help your body adjust by taking away that extra layer when inside a heated building.

Core Values

Keep your core warm. Seriously. Ever wonder why you see people walking around with puffer vests and little else on in terms of warm clothing? Protecting your core can be the easiest way to stay warm.

Supplement The Gray Skies

When I first moved up North, I noticed that I suddenly felt extremely tired. At first, I chalked this up to a rigorous academic schedule but then someone reminded me that I was also getting a lot less Vitamin D than I was used to. We all need Vitamin D, but if you are living in an area that gets very little sunlight during the winter months, a Vitamin D supplement is just for you.

It’s The Little Things

Let’s face it, sometimes the cold can be downright depressing. This is when the little touches can make all of the difference. Invest in fun, fuzzy socks, an array of warm scarves and plenty of cozy sweaters to layer on. Experiment with hot chocolate recipes and other warm, hearty foods. Enjoy the coziness that is snuggling up with a good book - or you know, the latest on Netflix.