How To Turn Anxiety Into Excitement

Your heart is pounding, nearly matching the beat of your footsteps as you walk. The butterflies in your stomach seem to circulate frantically, just waiting for the right moment to burst out and fly off. Your clammy hands awkwardly tremble, and the air grows suddenly hot. As your breaths quicken, you begin to wonder if this feeling will ever subside. The answer is, of course!

No matter how brave we are, everyone gets anxious sometimes. Whether it’s over a big test coming up, growing the nerve to ask someone out on a date, or even something as simple as picking out an outfit for the next day--we all can grow fearful. Life can get pretty challenging sometimes, and growing nervous is completely normal! However, what is important to recognize is that getting apprehensive about a situation isn’t always bad. Often, the word “anxiety” seems to have a negative connotation to it, as if it’s dangerous or harmful. Of course, in major events anxiety will overpower any positive outlook, but this is not always the case. Recognize that in the proper circumstances, anxiety over a situation does not have to be scary at all--and can in fact be converted to excitement.

Very often, people focus on the power anxiety has to negatively control and manipulate. Though it does possess these qualities, anxiety also has the ability to reveal what you see as significant.The nervous emotions that you develop in anticipation of an event validate its importance to you. Essentially, if you’re growing anxious about the outcome of something, it means you care! For example, if you’re scared of failing a test, that indicates that deep down you want to pass and make yourself proud. The potential to succeed is a very exciting thing, and should be looked at with optimism. Therefore, you can take those anxious feelings about failing and turn them into positive energy toward the ambition to pass!

It’s perfectly understandable if you can’t sort out your thoughts alone. It seems like with anxiety it would be pretty easy to manage individually, since you’re only dealing with your own thoughts. However, this is definitely not always true. Sometimes, dealing with yourself is the hardest thing to do because there’s minimal awareness of what’s rational or not; it’s common to have tunnel vision. We get so caught up in our own apprehension that we fail to acknowledge the bigger picture. Therefore, it can be beneficial to speak with others. Talking to a loved one who can look at the situation objectively may help to provide some piece of mind-- relieving the negative stress and replacing it with positivity. You’ll find that it’s possible you worked yourself up more than necessary, and that you have a lot more going for you than you think! We tend to be very hard on ourselves in the moment-- but talking to someone else about your feelings will definitely refresh your mind and help you to relax. Once you’re exposed to a clearer point of view, you’ll find it much easier to potentially discover excitement in what was making you nervous. It’s important to note that with anxiety, you are the only person in your way. So, it should be pretty simple to beat it, right? Eh, not so much. Know that it’s perfectly okay to experience bumps along the way and fall into waves of uncertainty. You’re not expected to know all of the answers; life doesn’t come with a manual. Though it may not seem like it when you’re growing nervous, this is actually the best possible way to live. Since we don’t have direct instructions on how to deal with life, it is up to us to interpret situations to the best of our ability and find joy in them. So, the next time you’re feeling anxious, remember that you can prevail-- all it takes is a different perspective.