6 Things To Do To Fix Loneliness

Andrew McMahon of Jack’s Mannequin once asked/sang, “Dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a crowded room?” Chances are, you have been. Or maybe you’ve sat at home on a Friday night, going through Snapchat and feeling mad FOMO. Or maybe it just feels like you’re doing life on your own. Whatever it is, we all know what it’s like to feel lonely but not always how to fix it. Luckily, Spire’s got the inside secrets:

Recognize Lonely As A Feeling

The most important step is to recognize that you aren’t alone, you just feel lonely. If you hang on to this idea that you’re alone, you will begin to see other people as your only solution when that’s not the case! Because loneliness is a feeling, it’s something that you’re totally in control of.

Learn Something New

With the beauty that is the Internet, this is actually pretty easy to do. Whether it’s a dance on YouTube, one of those online courses, or a Ted Talk, there’s tons of options. By learning something new, your brain being filled with things unrelated to how lonely you feel.

Pet A Dog Or Two

There’s a reason animal therapy is so popular: It really does make you feel better. If you can swing it, spend an afternoon with a dog or cat walking around and snuggling. Can’t do that? A trip to your local pet shop or adoption center might be the next best thing. Or cat videos. Those rock.

Write A Letter

Even if someone you love can’t be with you at the moment, is there anything stopping you from surprising them with a hand-written note about your life and how awesome they are? Of course not. Not only will you get joy from writing it, but you’ll also receive delayed gratification after they read it.

Read/Watch One Of Your Favorites

It’s interesting how nothing makes you feel more at home than being taken into some far away universe completely different from your own. Reading or watching characters you know and love so well, feeling the same things you feel on a daily basis, is bound to make you feel better.

Take A Social Media Break

It’s hard to remember that social media is only the highlight reel of all the people we know (and some we won’t). That makes it easy to feel super left out and like you’re the only one who feels like this, but you’re not. Out of sight, out of mind might be your best bet.