How To Channel Your Inner Strength


What does it mean to have courage when we speak? To stand tall when we’re making a decision, big or small. What's the true key to a confidence that shines through our words and our actions?

I’m going to go ahead and warn you that I haven’t “cracked the code” on courage in its entirety. I grapple with this on the daily.

As women, we've been predisposed to a number of things. Feeling like we have to use exclamation points or unnecessary adverbs in professional emails for fear of coming off as too "serious or "mean." Prefacing every idea with "I think," "maybe," or "I don't know if this is right, but..." We're programmed to question and second-guess ourselves. To dissect each and every word that comes out of our mouths and put it on trial.

Unfortunately this mindset of a docile femininity in and out of our professional lives that we’ve been force-fed does a disservice to both ourselves and those around us. It chips away at our self confidence piece by piece and it creates space for doubt to root down. This doubt can create anxiety, shame, a negative relationship with ourselves and others.

When we begin to make a cognitive shift and focus on approaching situations with a sense of courage and confidence, our worldview begins to drastically change.

We find ourselves thriving, able to make swift decisions without picking ourselves apart. Suddenly, making choices is no longer intimidating. We start to become more grounded, pushing out the anxiety of failure out of our minds and instead focusing on how we can do even bigger, more creative, more impactful things with our lives. We gain perspective.

Having courage is the antithesis of what we’ve been trained to do. Courage is taking a stand for ourselves. Believing in the good work we do. Lifting up those around us so they too may feel this confidence coursing through their veins.

Having courage is a revolution.

Having courage is a radical act of self-love.

Courage can manifest itself in the smallest of situations to the most pressing. It can be as simple as choosing where you want to eat dinner, or as complicated as speaking your truth when you feel taken advantage of or hurt by someone close to you.

Having courage is brave.

Having courage is commendable.

Trust yourself. Trust in your spirit, in the way you express love, in the things that make your heart soar. Trust in your work, the words you speak, and the way you welcome the people you encounter into your space.

Transforming your life can be as easy as claiming your life to be your own. To walk through life in your own, unapologetically beautiful way.

So while we may never solve the multitude of intricacies that come with courage, we can hold space for courage and allow ourselves peace.