Our June Power Word


If months could be colors, what would June be? Would it be a bright color that encapsulates the vibrance of the season? When I see June, I see bright oranges, bold blues, sunny yellows, crisp whites. Leaving the color wheel, isn't there just a vibrancy to June? It's the start of summer. For some that mean the kick off of their summer internship or job. For others it means summer Fridays and longer weekends. Outside of the office and school, June means longer, sunnier days. The question is, how will you spend those days?

That question is what sparked our power word this month. We are surpassing the first half of the year. We've explored fearlessness, rising up, tuning out, redirection, and consciousness. Despite the power words and the intentions behind them, perhaps we are not yet at the place we envisioned at the start of 2017. Maybe June, in all it's energetic, vibrant glory, is meant to be a shift, so that we can win the day and in turn, positively power towards whatever goals we set out to achieve.

So what is our June power word? Bold.

What bold choices can we make to create the lives we desire? What can we learn from successful career women's bold moves that propelled them to the top? What bold colors can we add to our wardrobe that reflect who we are within? What grocery store habits can we practice so we can make bold changes for our well being?

We plan to tackle these questions and many more this month. As the season changes once again and our days get longer and (hopefully) our time indoors and at our desks decreases, what a great opportunity rests in front of us to move our lives and the lives of others in a positive direction.

Perhaps the boldest choice of all, though, is the the one to put yourself first and graciously love the you who is you, even if you are still in the process of uncovering exactly who that is. Summer is not that long and many of us wait for it all year. Find contentment in the present even as you strive to reach higher summits the month, this summer, and this year. That sounds like a bold move to me.

So now the question is, what bold moves are you going to make this month? Share them with us in the comments!