A Closer Look At Kendra Scott Jewelry Designer

In 2002, Kendra launched her jewelry empire in Austin, Texas with only $500. Over the past thirteen years, Kendra Scott Jewelry has turned from a mini-jewelry collection into a multinational, million-dollar brand. You can find Kendra pieces from large retailers such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, to small specialty boutiques. Even though Kendra Scott has already become a household name, the brand is continuing to evolve and expand. Now, here is a Q & A with Julia, a member of the Kendra Scott team, to answer some questions about the current development of the Kendra Scott brand.

Now that you’re growing beyond the Texas market, what does your expanded demographic look like?

What makes Kendra Scott distinctive as a brand is that we tailor our collections not to a certain demographic, but to what I like to call a “psychographic.” Kendra Scott jewelry is designed for the woman who isn’t afraid to turn heads when she walks into a room, the woman with a beautiful confidence and multi-faceted style. She is strong, dynamic, unique, and she deserves jewelry that reflects her own radiant personality. We provide her with a spectrum of color that allows her to express her own individual style.

Where can we expect to see Kendra Scott stores next? Why those places?

We’re thrilled to say that in 2015 we are planning to open around 20 new store locations, a few of which include Chicago, Boca Raton, Charlotte, Bethesda and Nashville. We have seen the demand for Kendra Scott already growing in each of these locations, so we thought it was about time to move into the area our selves! I absolutely cannot wait to continue spreading the Kendra Scott fever across the nation. Who knows, there could be a Kendra Scott store on another continent in a few short years!

How do you decide what makes up a complete collection?

I find inspiration in everything, from landscapes and architecture, to people and cultures. By collaborating with my fantastic design team, we create new collections that translate that inspiration into gorgeous pieces of Kendra Scott jewelry. The Avant Garden Collection, our latest seasonal line, was inspired by my love for organic crystals and curated natural materials that I use in my own home décor.

With the expansion of stores obviously comes more jobs—will there be more corporate positions being created?

Of course! We are always looking for passionate, hard-working individuals to join our Kendra Scott family. As our company continues to grow, we are committed to finding great, talented, dedicated people to join us on this amazing journey. We have the wonderful privilege to carefully hand-select our company family, and years of experience have taught me how truly valuable it is to have the right people standing by you. If you think you’d be a perfect fit for the Kendra Scott team, visit kendrascott.com/family to learn more!

The signature Kendra Scott medal color is gold, but you’re starting to work with a lot of new metals. Why is this?

Like any girl’s fashion sense, our style is evolving! As a fashion brand, it is important for us to constantly provide our customers with new and exciting looks. By expanding into alternative metals like rose gold and gunmetal, we’re adding a little modern edge to our classic Kendra Scott flair. I personally have fallen head over heels for gunmetal. I find myself wearing it more often than gold nowadays!