How The Law Of Attraction Helped Me Cope With Anxiety


If you’ve met me – even for a minute – it comes as no great surprise that I struggle with positivity. My default tends to be catastrophizing even the smallest of situations. Anyone with anxiety understands how crippling this mindset can be. Something as trivial as missing the bus or misplacing a pair of earrings can spiral into an existential crisis of immense proportions. All of a sudden a good day can quickly turn sour. Thoughts of loss and self-doubt or hatred begin to bubble up and spread with the voracity of an untamable weed.

I want you to imagine your mind as a garden.

As with any garden, you must not only plant seeds but tend to them with care and intentionality each and every day. Gardens need ample water, sunlight, and maybe a little fertilizer (for some of us this takes form in prescription anxiety medication or maybe natural supplements) now and again to stay healthy, vibrant, and thriving. Every so often a weed (negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, general stress, loss, etc.) begins to take root in that garden, threatening to displace all of the beautiful plants you have worked so hard to cultivate. There are two possible outcomes: one, the weed takes over the garden; second, you take charge of the weed, being sure to stay on top of it, disallowing it to continue to take root and spread.

Whether it be fending off weeds or tending to plants, our garden requires close care. It requires both our time and our intention. For those of us who are still trying to find our footing as seasoned gardeners, I give you the law of attraction.

The law of attraction is a simple one: all thoughts will eventually come into being. According to,

If you focus on negative doom and gloom you will remain under that cloud. If you focus on positive thoughts, and have goals that you aim to achieve you will find a way to achieve them with massive action.”

For as straightforward as this law is, it requires a considerable amount of intentionality and concentration that individuals with anxiety, such as myself, may find difficult to consistently manifest. It did and does and will always require water, sunlight, and that little bit of fertilizer. And I totally understand if this sounds like bullshit to you. I totally sympathize with the doubts of some of this new-age logic. But I really encourage you to take a leap of faith with me. Trust yourself – your mind and your ability to center yourself on intentions of love and kindness and a belief in the general goodness of the world.

The law of attraction does not mean that we are to be punished for each and every bad thought that may find its way into the corners of our brain. Bad thoughts are inevitable. It means that we must spend time creating space for good thoughts. We must be mindful and patient and loving with ourselves so that we may grow abundant, verdant gardens that blossom and change in beautiful and unexpected ways.

The great thing about the law of attraction is that it coexists. The laws of the Universe do not negate laws of religion (or atheism), or anything else. They just are. They encourage alignment, positivity, and a greater joy and lust for life.

Honing in on this law has made a world of difference. It’s caused me to take note of my attitude. The way negative thoughts can be set off like fireworks, the way that positive thoughts take much more gentleness and patience to be brought into existence. It’s frustrating the way that works, isn’t it? I wish I could tell you why it’s so much more difficult to quell our anxiety than it is to live in a constant state of fear and distrust but I truly have no idea. I’ve decided not to dwell on this (as hard as it is) and instead focus my energy on what I can control.

If you think about, the law of attraction makes a lot of sense.

Our thoughts control our actions. If we have a bad body image, that’s what we see every time we look into the mirror, that’s what we project to the world around us. If we don’t believe we are going to get that job our negativity can drag us into places in which these dreams won’t manifest, where we stand in the way of our own success.

I cannot control the universe. But I can control my thoughts. And if the law of attraction is correct, in some ways, by controlling my thoughts, by flooding my head with good vibes and positive energy, I can create a life of greater fulfillment and greater joy.

Now I’m not telling you that you’re going to manifest a car overnight or an entirely new wardrobe (we’ll talk about manifesting abundance another time...), but I am promising you that this is a fantastic way to help cope with the dark pall that anxiety sets over our lives. It’s a silver lining – one that teaches us to trust the universe and take a moment to align our thoughts towards light.

The light is not always easy to find, but channeling it and using it to flood our life and the lives of those around us with unadulterated goodness has the possibility to create a world of difference.


featured image by Hey Fran Hey