A Grateful Note On Thanksgiving

This post is coming to you poolside in Florida, where I have been all week visiting my parents and my sister. All I can say is, we should all be moving to Florida, guys. It’s unreal down here. Anyway, my mom and I were talking about Spire & Co and all that has happened in the past year. It would be easy to say I am filled with gratitude but that’s cheesy and everyone says that this time of year. So I’m taking this in another direction.

I can say in all sincerity that whether I am eating breakfast, at the office, at SoulCycle, or anywhere else I am during the day, I am constantly thinking about the girls who trust in Spire & Co. What they are struggling with. What they are conquering. Who they want to be. What shows they like (one girl recommended Quantico and now I’m OBSESSED). It’s easy to look at the Google Analytics, but I feel so lucky that Spire & Co created a space where our relationship goes far beyond that. I love that I know when a girl gets her dream job or gets accepted to her dream college. I love that I know when things aren’t going so well, too. I love that we have that connection.

But I have to say, that connection is not because of me or really anyone at Spire & Co.

Yes, we’ve put out the content. We’ve created the space for this kind of connection to be possible. But you are the one who made it happen. You sent the email saying what was on your mind. You clicked “follow” on what seems like a million different social media platforms. You shared articles with your friends, your sisters, your mom. I want you to know how much that means to me. Every favorite on every Tweet, every share on Facebook, every email subscription, every Instagram double tap. I see it and every single move means so much. I know it’s easy to scroll past something. It means a lot that you chose to do something else.

These last few month in particular, you have done things that make me even more grateful. You’ve stuck by us through the biggest change anyone could ever expect from Smart Girls Group. I know change isn’t always well received and it was a risk–a HUGE risk. Thank you for believing in us and our intentions through all of that.

Trust isn’t easy, especially in the world we live in today. However, I get the feeling you trust Spire & Co. Many of you come back multiple times per week. Even multiple times per day. You are reading articles about nixing negativity from your life and feminism and building your tribe.

What I want to say: OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL!!!

What I will say: It is remarkable to see that you want to read about ways you can create the life you want–and actually execute on that. And it is even more remarkable that you trust in Spire & Co to help you do that.

I could easily say thank you for reading because the reality is, in the world of digital media business, unique visitors matter and everyone is pining for them. But truthfully, the metric that matters so much more to me is what you are trusting in us to provide. We all take that reliance seriously, and I promise to never take that for granted.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the privilege to know you. I hope this is only the beginning of our friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving!