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Welcome to the first installment of our new series, The Spire Shelf, where we will highlight inspiring stories written by remarkable women. Since our inception, women-authored stories have been a cornerstone to Spire & Co, which is why we launched Spire Stacks, our digital bookstore. The Spire Shelf will showcase newly launched books that will be added to the Stacks, and illuminate why we believe these stories in particular will enlighten, inspire, and ignite joy. Welcome to The Spire Shelf.

The Basics

Title: Love at First Like

Author: Hannah Orenstein

Genre: Fiction—Romantic Comedy

The Gist

The question on the cover says it all, “How far would you go to fake the perfect life?

Eliza Roth owns a jewelry shop in Brooklyn with her sister, Sophie. After a particularly hopeless date, Eliza discovers on Instagram that her ex is engaged. While coping with her downward spiral of negative thoughts, she accidentally posts a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a diamond ring. She wakes up to her 100,000 followers enthralled over her supposed engagement news…uh oh.

She has two choices: delete the Instagram or capitalize on it. What may seem like an easy choice becomes much more complicated as her shop faces challenging financial times and the one way out seems to be staging a “real-life” fairytale. Just like all infamous lies, it becomes bigger and bigger as Eliza finds herself a picture-perfect fiancé named Blake and goes through with planning the wedding. There’s only one problem: Blake doesn’t know.

Love at First Like follows Eliza through the many twists and turns of concocting an Instagram-worthy life–and finding her way out of a lie that could ruin it all.

The Spire Shelf 3

We have three qualifications for The Spire Shelf: the book must inspire, enlighten, and ignite joy. Here’s how Love at First Like did just that:

A Book That Inspires

While this novel may be a romantic comedy, at its core, it’s the story of an ambitious woman in love with her business.

In the book, Eliza recalls when she and her sister listed their goals just before going into business together. Sophie’s list featured milestones like marriage, children, and a brownstone in Park Slope. Eliza, on the other hand, only had one item on her list: Brooklyn Jewels. Her company was her one great love. From start to finish, you can feel the passion she has for Brooklyn Jewels and she’s determined to keep it alive, sometimes at all costs.

While it may not be wise to emulate Eliza’s choices, her ambition and dedication are worth channeling–within reason, of course.

Separately, we love a book that inspires small actions that can improve our lives. Love at First Like was a celebration of female friendship, especially between Eliza and her best friend, Carmen. These two busy, professional women had a standing weekly get together that they nearly never missed. We all have habits we strive to maintain for ourselves, perhaps a solid skincare routine or weekly meal prepping, but have you ever thought about making a habit for the relationships that matter most?

A Book That Enlightens

We hear “shop small” quite often, but in a world of expedited shipping and bargain shopping, sometimes shopping small can feel like a big hit to your wallet. While this is an underlying element of Love at First Like, I couldn’t help but think about Eliza and Sophie in my recent shopping excursions. Every sale made a drastic impact on whether or not they would be able to save their store. Who knows who may be experiencing the same thing in your local shops.

A Book That Ignites Joy

Just like Playing With Matches, Hannah’s first novel, Love at First Like is full of charm, wildly entertaining, and a modern romantic comedy. True to form, Hannah gives the reader a lens into glamorous worlds, delighting our internal curiosity and answering the thought, “I wonder what it’s like to live like that…” Whether you’ve wondered what it’s like to live in New York, own a shop, or be an influencer, you’ll catch a glimpse into those lifestyles in this novel.

Our Recommended Reading Vibe

In our book (no pun intended), environment is everything. While you can read a book anywhere, if you’re making the intentional choice to immerse yourself in a captivating story, we believe there’s something to be said about finding the space that will serve your reading experience best. Here’s our recommended reading vibe for Love at First Like:

For the Escape Artist: A Chic Hotel

A pivotal scene in Love at First Like happens in the Wythe Hotel, a super chic hotel in Brooklyn. Peruse Instagram and do a quick Google search to discover a hotel in your neck of the woods where you can perch for a few hours with this novel. From a hotel rooftop on a nice day or a cozy hotel cafe on a chillier one, consider this your perfect opportunity to discover a new reading getaway.

For the Homebody:

Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle, put on a face mask, and enjoy Love at First Like from the comforts of your bathtub. Some books are just meant to be paired with a good bath sesh, and this one is within their ranks.

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