A First-Hand Look At The Fixer Upper Empire In Waco, TX

I’m fascinated by business empires. I think there is something insanely inspiring about people who have an idea and serve people in such a profound way that they are able to continuously (and successfully) expand upon that initial idea. That was why I headed to Waco, Texas on a weekend trip to Dallas. I wanted to see the Magnolia empire, brought to life by HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines. 

In case you’re not an HGTV aficionado, Chip and Joanna Gaines starred in the super popular show Fixer Upper, which, as the title implies, was a scripted reality show chronicling their experiences turning run-down houses (some more than others) into dream homes. 


While the show was taking place, viewers also go to see them build out their business, Magnolia, into a number of different segments. They already had a realty company and a construction and design business, and Joanna used to have a retail shop called Magnolia, but it had closed long before the show started. As the show and their popularity progressed, they landed a number of licensing deals, from paint and furniture to decor and children’s attire. They also wrote a joint memoir, The Magnolia Story, and launched a quarterly magazine, called The Magnolia Journal

And then there were the Silos. As the story goes, Joanna dropped her kids off at school and noticed these large, rusty silos next to a run down grain barn and she wanted to bring her retail store back to life in a much bigger capacity. So they made this their own fixer upper and established an HGTV version of Disney World in the heart of their hometown. 

This is my first-hand look at their inspiring empire.

Magnolia Silos

The Main Buildings

At their main retail location, they have Magnolia Market, a large retail store which is housed in an updated grain bard, the Silos Baking Co., a separate bakery (with the best coffee ever) that they renovated on Fixer Upper, and Magnolia Seed and Supply, a small garden supply shop.

Magnolia Market.jpg
Magnolia Sios.jpg
Magnolia Silos Baking Co.jpg
Silos Baking Co Magnolia Bakery.jpg
Magnolia Bakery Texas.jpg

The Grounds

The Magnolia Silos are a full-on complex, not just a store. On the Silos' grounds, there are a number of food trucks, serving everything from gourmet grilled cheese to sweet tea, a large greenery space with lawn games and bean bags for hanging out, as well as a big stage near the silos for concerts. 

Silos Waco Texas.jpg
Magnolia Market Waco Texas.jpg
Magnolia Silos Food Trucks.jpg
Magnolia Silos Grounds.jpg
Magnolia Silos Lawn.jpg
Magnolia Silos Stage Concert.jpg
Magnolia Silos Trolley.jpg

The Market

The main retail location, Magnolia Market, features a curated selection of housewares and Magnolia-branded retail.

Magnolia Market Inside.jpg
Magnolia Market Retail.jpg
Magnolia Mugs.jpg
Magnolia Market Displays.jpg
Magnolia Chip and Joanna Kitchen.jpg
Magnolia Market Flowers.jpg
Magnolia Merchandise.jpg
Magnolia Market Shopping.jpg
Magnolia Market Sign.jpg
Magnolia Market Home Clocks.jpg
Magnolia Market Waco TX.jpg
Magnolia Market Displays.jpg

The Garden & Seed and Supply

This was my favorite part of the Silos. The garden was the quietest space on the property and there's something so inspiring being surrounded by fresh flowers and vegetables. The Seed and Supply shop is quite small but it has a cute cottage feel to it and it's accompanied by a pretty greenhouse.

Magnolia Seed + Supply.jpg
Magnolia Silos Garden.jpg
Magnolia Market Silos Shed.jpg
Magnolia Silos Shed.jpg
Magnolia Silos Kale.jpg
Magnolia Market Garden.jpg
Magnolia Gardens.jpg
Magnolia Market and Garden Truck.jpg
Plant Lady Shirt.jpg
Magnolia Seed and Supply Store.jpg
Magnolia Garden Shop.jpg
Magnolia Greenhouse.jpg
Magnolia Silos Greenhouse.jpg

Magnolia Table

The newest part of their Magnolia empire is Magnolia Table, a restaurant a few minutes away that features farm to table breakfast and lunch in their classic design style. I had the chance to see it their very first week and not only was the food delicious (their tater tots were out of this world), but their staff is easily the most friendly group of people on the planet. I especially loved their retail and take away section as well as their outdoor coffee bar.

Magnolia Table Restaurant.jpeg
Magnolia Table Coffee.jpeg
Magnolia Table Restaurant.jpeg
Chip and Joanna Gaines Restaurant.jpeg
Magnolia Table Take Away.jpeg
Magnolia Table Food.jpeg
Magnolia Table Menu.jpeg

What makes their story so inspiring is that the built it as their authentic selves. They stayed in their hometown and in doing so, raised the whole town up with them. They remained completely true to themselves and what mattered to them–their family, farm, community, and the more simple things in life, and in turn, millions of people related to them. They draw in 30,000 visitors each week to the Silos and are continuously expanding their empire.

Whether you want to create one of your own or not, seeing this in person was a meaningful reminder that if we make choices that are true to ourselves, our wildest dreams can come true.