Are You Making The Best Choices For You?

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before-- in life, there is no way to please everybody. There will always be someone who disapproves of your actions or ideas. Although it is slightly upsetting, this knowledge shouldn’t discourage you. After all, it is YOUR life! Life is about making the choices that will provide the most favorable outcome for you, while making sure to not purposely hurt anyone in the process. This can be a tricky balance sometimes, but you’ve got this!
There’s a little phrase I like to recall when I’m about to make a choice: “Think of yourself, and for yourself.” Here’s how it works!
Think OF yourself: When making a choice, consider how it will affect you first. Although your choice might upset someone (which in turn might make you feel badly) recognize that thinking of yourself does NOT make you selfish, and sometimes has to take priority. For example, if you cannot attend your best friend’s soccer game because you have a test to study for, you are allowed to stay in. It is perfectly okay to keep your goals in mind! If you’re unsure, some general questions you can ask yourself include:
How will this choice affect me in the long run?
Am I hurting others by making this choice?
Does this choice put me in an uncomfortable position?
Is this a positive choice for me, or does someone else benefit more?
Know that there is nothing wrong with thinking of yourself and keeping your best interest at heart. Your friend might be a little upset, but loyal friends will understand if something important comes up. So, when provided with options, make sure to think carefully about which is the best for you.
Think FOR yourself- Don’t be afraid to reject suggestions of what choice to make. Friends and family might make valid points to contribute to your decision, but only you can know what is the absolute right selection for you. It’s important to not succumb to peer pressure, and to stay true to your beliefs. Although it’s hard, remember that if someone is pressuring you to lean a certain way, they might not be a person you want to be around. Those who are truly devoted to you will accept your decisions, and will respect the final outcome!