Our March Power Word


They say March comes in like a lion. Who is "they," though? And did they get the memo that there is a heat wave hitting the East Coast today and it's currently 70º in New York City? While this mysterious "they" may have been a little off this year weather wise, were they really that off spiritually? Take a screenshot of the first two months of your 2017. Did it feel like a metaphoric lion? Did you feel like there was noise coming at you in every direction? Could you feel the bitter chill that comes with fear of the unknown, or perhaps even the known? Was there just something that no matter how much you tried you just couldn't seem to get right?

Let's blame it on the lions. They roam around like they own the place, whether their habitat remains in our minds or exists in the chaotic world outside. Regardless, they can create an emotional stampede that wreaks havoc on our energy. In the wild, these kind of lions can take on many forms. Pressure. Anxiety. Expectation. Fear. Noise. Silence. Negativity. Comparison. Tragedy. Disappointment. You get the picture.

While lions may be the kings of the jungle, we are the queens of our lives and our corresponding experience. We don't get to blame how we feel on these lions because we are the creatives. We create our life stories every single day. And like all things, if we are creating it, we can change it.

So let's say the lions have you down. Maybe they've seeped into the jungle of your mind. Perhaps they started there to begin with and are trying to make it their permanent settlement. But here's the thing about March: they say it comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. What if we could do that spiritually? What if we could come into March like a spiritual lion, but exit the month like a peaceful lamb?

The noise and pressure of life can feel like a lion, threatening our every move and preying on even our most hidden weaknesses. But if lions are coming from the outside world, who's to say there isn't a way to keep them there?

I accidentally got to experiment with this idea for the past week. I have this issue with my ears where every few months, I can barely hear out of my right ear. It's not a big deal. It's just annoying because I have to work extra hard to hear someone and I often have to be reminded to speak up. This time though I was on a cruise ship, headed for the Caribbean when it happened. I couldn't go to a doctor right away or treat it the way I usually do.

While that may sound frustrating, it was actually pretty great. I was on a ship with thousands of other people. People get real loud on vacation. I essentially scored a natural remote control, where I could turn down the volume on all the outside noise and concentrate on my own vacation. I absorbed more of the lessons in what I was reading (Rising Strong by Brené Brown, which I highly recommend!). I had to work extra hard to listen to my boyfriend, paying more attention to what he was saying. I could write on the top deck in the morning, fully in the zone with my thoughts. And weirdly, I noticed more of the flavors in the food I was eating. Without all the noise, I was able to embrace what was truly mine in that moment.

Don't get me wrong. Not being able to hear isn't something anyone should wish for, and I gain more respect for someone who has this as an ongoing issue every time it happens for the short term to me. Trust me, it's really frustrating. But I'm a big believer that in moments of frustration, there is a hidden meaning waiting to be discovered. You see where I'm going with this, right?

While we can't turn off our ears to the noise around us, nor should we in today's climate, we can choose to intelligently filter. We can tune out the lions. Tune out the pressures. Tune out the crazies. Tune out what simply isn't meant for us. We can tune out the unnecessary so we can hone in on the worldly whispers that are craving to be heard by us and us alone. By tuning out the lions, we can turn up the volume on our inner voices, welcoming our intuition to peacefully guide us through all of life's jungles, stampedes, and deserts.

So what is our power word for this month? Tune out.

This isn't saying we can tune out what we simply don't want to hear. That doesn't help anyone, including ourselves. There is a difference, though, between noise and intel. We need information if we want to live an awakened life. It can't be all butterflies, rainbows, and sunshine. We can filter the unnecessary negative energy–drama, competition, expectations, and such–instead using that space to create room for positive change in our lives and beyond.

This month we'll be saying yes to the opportunities that are truly ours for the taking. We'll be covering the many ways you can tune out the noise so you can turn up your light and voice. We've discussed fear. We've hung out with rising up. The only way we can keep climbing is to be fiercely loyal to our personal paths.

We take time this month to celebrate luck. Maybe luck is just the power of tuning out what isn't meant for us and focusing on moving towards our own "pots of gold" that are filled with life's greatest riches truly meant for us. Let's discover what's at the end of that rainbow this month, shall we?


featured image by Sebastian Kim for Kate Spade