How To Find An Exercise You Actually Want To Do

The gym is a scary idea for many people. It’s the idea that exercise has to be uniform. Everyone has to run on the treadmill or stand in front of the wall of mirrors to watch themselves do bicep curls. For some, it’s a source of anxiety.  For others, it’s a source of freedom. So what if the typical gym scene isn’t for you? Choosing the right exercise might seem like a hard task. It’s easier than you think.  And with the fitness industry steadily growing, the options for exercise are endless. Like anything else, you have to try a few things in order to find your fitness flavor. Determine if you would rather exercise outdoors or indoors.

There are so many different workouts to choose from depending on if you’re a lover of the outdoors or would rather be in the comfort of air conditioning. If you love the outdoors, trying a hike with your friends or an outdoors “boot camp” workout might be something you would enjoy.

Research what classes and/or activities are available where you live.

By using websites and apps such as FitMapped and ClassPass; it’s easy to find fitness activities in your area. FitMapped is available in select major cities to help you find classes that interest you and ClassPass allows you to access thousands of different fitness classes to fit your liking. They help in the research phase. If pricing is an issue, there are plenty of discount group classes on Groupon that you can access.

Try different things.

Sometimes you adore the first pair of shoes you try on and sometimes you end up loving the tenth pair of shoes you try on. The same is true with exercises. You may not love your first class and determine that kind of exercise is not for you or you may love it. And it may take you a few times to find the right exercise for you. But it takes trying new things to find out what you like. This occasionally means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Try a Pinterest workout.

Fitness classes and gyms aren’t the only places you can get a workout in. In fact, workouts are easy to find on Pinterest. This is especially helpful if you don’t want to be in the gym environment and would rather workout in the comfort of your own home. Even if you don’t want a routine workout, the website (while full of other amazing pins) is teeming with different exercises to help you along your way to finding an exercise that you love.

Team up with a friend.

Sometimes finding an exercise that you love is difficult without a little support. Find a friend that wants to try a workout and team up to have a fun time doing partner exercises. These can be great because each person gets to build the other up while doing something that’s a little different from the norm.